A Little Time and a Keyboard: Easy Microphone Craft for Little Rock Stars

Easy Microphone Craft for Little Rock Stars

Monday, October 22, 2012

For this Halloween, my daughter is going as a rock star. The good news about that--I did not have to purchase much for her costume. We had a lot of things that we could use around our house. However, we did not have a microphone. A microphone craft seemed easy enough, so I thought that I would give it a try. Fortunately, it really was pretty easy and came out adorbs.

What we needed:

toilet paper roll
black construction paper
tissue paper
aluminum foil
paint pen
glue gun

How we made our creation:

First, I had my daughter cut the construction paper so that it would fit around the toilet paper roll. Once she did that, she glued it to the roll. Next, we scrunched our tissue paper into a ball. Then, I wrapped the tissue paper ball with aluminum foil. I left enough aluminum foil at the end of the ball that it would fill in the toilet paper roll enough to not pop out. I placed the ball on top and ended up gluing some of the aluminum foil on the inside of the toilet paper roll to further anchor the ball.

The last part was my daughter's favorite. She used some ghost erasers, crystal dots, and a silver paint pen to decorate her microphone. Easy and fun!

***Note: The ghost erasers were bought really cheap at an after Halloween sale. Be sure to keep your eyes out for these adornments after Halloween. You can get them pretty cheap and stock pile some for future crafts or Halloween favors. Also, I did need to break out the glue gun for the erasers. I tried to use the craft glue so that my daughter could do it herself. However, the erasers were a little too heavy.

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