A Little Time and a Keyboard: Weekend Trip to Kentucky---Fun, Fun, Fun!

Weekend Trip to Kentucky---Fun, Fun, Fun!

Monday, October 29, 2012

We love to go to Kentucky when we have a long weekend. The people, the food, and the change of scenery are just what we need to get away. I thought that I would give everyone a little taste of what we love in Kentucky in case you are looking to get out of Dodge for a little bit. When we go, we usually spend a few nights in Louisville and go on a few little journeys from there. Since it is only about 5 - 5.5 hrs away from Chicagoland, depending on where you are, it make for a great long weekend escape.

The first time we took my daughter to Kentucky, we took her to My Old Kentucky Home, the home of Judge John Rowan. The home was built between 1795 and 1818 and is a beautiful Georgian style mansion. It is said to be the inspiration for Stephen Foster's "My Old Kentucky Home Good Night." I absolutely love touring old houses. However, this is hard to due with a young one. We chose this as my daughter's first house tour because the tour is short--only about 20 minutes. (She was 5 at the time) She did really well and loved the tour. She made it through the whole tour without touching anything to the very end---at which point she had to touch a lovely red velvet couch. The couch happened to be one that Andrew Jackson slept on so I think it was a good choice! The home is located in Bardstown, about an hour from Louisville. There are a number of other things to do in and around Bardstown--including the famed Bourbon Trail.

Whenever we are in Kentucky, we also like to stop in Frankfurt. While it is Kentucky's capital, it is not very large--which makes it easy to get around. One of our must-stops in Frankfurt--the Rebecca Ruth Candy Factory. The Rebecca Ruth Candy Factory is a family run business that was founded in 1919. What is the company most famous for--bourbon balls, of course! (And, they are fabulous!) We have been on the factory tour and loved it. In fact, after the tour, Mini-Mel decided that she wants to make candy for a living. The shop is really cute and has a lot of delicious confections! Well worth a visit-or two!

While in Frankfort, we also need to stop at the Completely Kentucky store. I absolutely love this store because it is full of crafts and other products made in Kentucky. When I travel, I love to buy thing that you can only get there. It adds something special to the product. We have purchased pottery, jewelry, candles, and candy from this store.

Another of our favorite spots is Henry's Ark in Prospect, Kentucky. Henry's Ark is an animal sanctuary and petting zoo. The sanctuary has an amazing number of animals--zebras, bison, yak, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, peacocks, reindeer--quite an animal family! You can bring some carrots to find the animals. My daughter loved feeding the zebras. Admission is free but donations are welcome. Check here for more information. I love the mission of this place!

These are just a few of the gems we have found in Kentucky. After writing this post, I really would love to go again soon!

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