A Little Time and a Keyboard: Family Dinner at BlackFinn American Grille

Family Dinner at BlackFinn American Grille

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The revitalized Randhurst area of Mt. Prospect has welcomed BlackFinn American Grille to its growing selection of restaurants. The other night, we found ourselves a little too discombobulated to make dinner, so we opted to go out to eat. Always eager to try new places, we headed to BlackFinn American Grille.

We had a reservation since we were popping in on a Friday night. We were seated pretty close to our reservation time--which was great since this does not always happen!

The service was quick--always a plus when dining with a child. The restaurant seemed to be a good location for both adults on a night out and families. The menu was large and had something for everyone. Additionally, the meals ranged in price, so someone on a budget could most likely find something there.

We ordered our food---a pulled pork sandwich for the hubby, shrimp stir fry for me, and a cheese flatbread for the little one. Here is a look at our meals and what we thought:

Shrimp Stir Fry

Admittedly, I probably should not have ordered a stir fry at a grill. However, I really wanted to make sure that I got my vegetation in and I am not a salad fan. The dish did definitely deliver on vegetation. You can see how absolutely vibrant it is with all of the veggies. However, the dish was a little too salty for me. Also, the mushrooms were not cooked well. (Yes, I am a mushroom snob.)

Children's Cheese Flatbread

My daughter loved her flatbread! She ate every bit of it. One of the great things about the flatbread---there were no surprise spices on top. Italian spices on a pizza freak my daughter out and are sure to make her balk at eating. There are many other choices on the kids' menu. Often, kids are relegated to just a few choices, so this is nice. The meals come with  drink, side, and a dessert--awesome!

Pulled Pork Sandwich

My hubby felt that his pulled pork sandwich was lack luster. His sandwich was just ok in his opinion, nothing he would run out for again. My husband often eats pulled pork, so I trust him on this one.

Overall, we felt that BlackFinn Grille had decent food, but not exciting food. (Well, except my daughter who loved her meal!) However, it is possible that we ordered the wrong things and totally missed their best meals. The saloon area was very lively. It seems to be a good place for a little bit of nightlife--which often is lacking in the 'burbs.

BlackFinn has locations in Texas (Houston), Florida (Jacksonville), Missouri (St. Louis), and Illinois (Mt. Prospect). They will have new locations opening in Virginia (Merrifield), Texas (Austin), and Illinois (Chicago).

*Disclosure: I received no compensation for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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