A Little Time and a Keyboard: Pine Cone Bird Feeders---Treat your Resident Birds!

Pine Cone Bird Feeders---Treat your Resident Birds!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

With my daughter off of school numerous times over the next couple of months, I am totally whipping out all sorts of projects. Last night, we made cute little pine cone bird feeders. We have a number of birds stopping in our yard, so I am sure that they will enjoy a little snack!

To make our bird feeders, we needed:
  •  pine cones
  • bird seed
  • peanut butter
  •  ribbon or string
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • 2 bowls
  • a plate
  • spatula
  • a plate, aluminum foil, or any place to set the feeders until you are ready to hang them

First, we glued our string to our pine cones. You can also tie string around the pine cones instead. I didn't do this because we were using smaller string remnants. (I save pieces of string from gifts, etc. for using again.) Then, we put a large scoop of seeds in a bowl. In another bowl, I put about a quarter cup of smooth peanut butter. I mixed a tiny bit of water with the peanut butter to make it easier to spread. I also set out some foil to lay our creations upon.

Our pine cone with string.

Next, my daughter spread the peanut butter on a pine cone using a spatula. We placed a healthy amount of seeds on a plate. Then, she rolled the pine in the seeds. She place the finished product onto the foil to await be hung in the morning. This was an easy project and I am sure we will be doing it again in the future!

Rolling our peanut buttered pine cones in seed.

Voila, some treats for our birdies!

Finished products.


  1. I remember doing this project as a kid. I don't think either of the wee ones has ever done it, but how fun! I may have to do this with them soon - we have enough pine cones they love to collect! I love the idea of thinning the peanut butter. Brilliant.

  2. The thinning out really does make it easier for the kids to spread the peanut butter. These projects are meant to be fun, not frustrating!

  3. The birds will be very happy!Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Wishing you a happy weekend. xo