A Little Time and a Keyboard: Family Baking Session with Coggies Cookies {Review}

Family Baking Session with Coggies Cookies {Review}

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter is the perfect time for baking. With the girls off for the break, Kat and I decided to get them together for a baking session. Recently, we received some Coggies Sugar Cookie mix to review. Coggies provided us with the perfect activity to whip out on a dreary winter day! (The smell of fresh baked cookies truly does wonders for the soul!)

Coggies is a small business based in Minnesota. (We love our American businesses!) Catherine, the owner of Coggies, has always loved to bake. Her cookies have always been favorites. She entered her cookies into a state fair, eager to review the judge's comments. To her delight, she actually won a ribbon! She has won State Fair ribbons for both her sugar and molasses cookies. (In fact, the sugar cookies won 1st place and the molasses won 2nd.) With a recipe for prize winning cookies,  Catherine had to share her cookies with the world! First, she shipped them in boxes. However, some of the cookies would arrive broken. To avoid breakage, she came up with the idea of sending mixes that require few ingredients. And, voila! Now, we all have the ability to bake Coggies in our own kitchens!

From the start, we could tell that Coggies provided us with an easy and delicious activity! We made Coggies Sugar Cookies and were surprised (pleasantly) that we only needed to add butter and eggs to the mix. Since fewer steps were involved to create the dough, it was much easier to navigate with the girls. The directions on the box were clear and simple--no guesswork.

After the dough was mixed, the girls had a great time scooping out a balls of dough, placing them on the cookie sheet, and flattening each with a sugared juice glass. (Kat and I love this trick and will be using it again. Thanks, Catherine!)

The dough was easy to work with and the girls had no problem preparing the cookies for baking. Easy for mom and fun for the kids! Perfect!

After 10-12 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees, we had our Coggies! None of us could resist warm, delicious Coggies! The cookies were light and airy, sweet and perfectly buttery. Yum!

Here are our Coggies:

Coggies should be lightly golden around the edge when finished. Some of ours were a little crisper than others. However, they were just as tasty!

Coggies is a solution for us crazed moms that are busy trying to get from here to there, yet want some quality time baking with our kids! Coggies are easy to mix up and make for a tasty project with the family. Thinking about all of those times that you need to whip up cookies for a bake sale or for guests with little prep time, having a box of Coggies ready to go can make things a little smoother. Plus, how many other bakers are baking prize winning cookies in their ovens! You can even jazz up your Coggies by adding a drizzle of chocolate or add some Heath toffee baking chips. Catherine also let me know that she recently added Andes mints to the mix and the result was divine! You can purchase the Andes chopped up. But, honestly, the cookies are great on their own!

Coggies also make for a nice gift. They are a great way to send cookies to friends near and far. The mixes also are a good gift for us moms that are busy, busy, busy but love to bake! Don't forget about grandparents that love to bake with the kiddos as well. Coggies makes baking easy and delicious!

Where to find Coggies? In the Chicago area, you can find Coggies at the Valentia Studio Boutique in Bucktown and Norton's USA in Barrington. Not in the Chicago area or can't get to the store? You can also order Coggies Cookies by calling 952-322-5538. 

**Disclosure: We did receive a complimentary product in order to make an accurate review. All opinions are 100% our own.


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