A Little Time and a Keyboard: Feeling the Island Vibe with New Drinks at Bahama Breeze

Feeling the Island Vibe with New Drinks at Bahama Breeze

Saturday, January 19, 2013

This past week, I attended a special preview event at the Bahama Breeze here in Schaumburg. I had not been to Bahama Breeze for quite some time, so it was a great opportunity to try some new things!

We had our little soiree around the fire at Bahama Breeze. (I bet that you may not have known about the fire pit at Bahama Breeze. It is a true treat!) The fire really makes the place inviting and immediately gives you the feeling of relaxation. This fire is open to restaurant patrons on most nights (if it is not rented out). However, I am sure that it is popular, so you may want to call ahead if your heart is set on it. Just take a look and you will see why people love to relax here:

To add to the relaxed ambiance, why not kick back with a Caribbean drink? When I looked at the drink menu, I was amazed by the selection of tropical drinks. I was surprised to find two that my husband and I tried in Bermuda (the Rum Swizzle and the Dark and Stormy) on the menu. These are the must have drinks in Bermuda. I asked Juan, the manager, about the drinks. He told me that Bahama Breeze has someone that travels to the islands to taste the drinks to make sure that they have them right. (What a lucky guy!) So, you are really getting a taste of tropical locales at Bahama Breeze!

I learned that Bahama Breeze will be introducing 2 new drinks on February 4th -- the Yaka Hula Hickey Dula and the Daisy de Santiago. Both drinks have Barcardi Rum and are delicious. The Yaka Hula Hickey Dula is named after a Hawaiian love song (what a catchy name) and blends pineapple juice with Meyer's Dark and 151 Barcardi. Doesn't this picture make you want to wet your whistle?

Daisy de Santiago is a Cuban drink created by none other than Don Facundo Barcardi himself. With Barcardi rum, lime juice, mint leaves, and a splash of Chartreuse liqueur, any fan of the mojito will love this drink. Take a look:

Our tropical experience did not end with the yummy drinks. We also were invited to sample a number of appetizers on the menu. First, I tried the Warm Spinach Dip and Island Chips along with the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings. I am a wings girl, so the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings were an immediate favorite. You can see my little plate below. (You will also notice a warm fuzziness to the photo as we were still enjoying the fire while eating our treats!)

Next, I tried the Coconut Shrimp and the Habanero Chicken Wings. The Coconut Shrimp is known as a crowd favorite and rightly so. The shrimp is dynamite! Juan let me in on a little secret--all of the food is made fresh at Bahama Breeze. This really came through on the shrimp. It tasted so fresh--as opposed to the same menu item at other restaurants where I have been convinced that the shrimp were frozen. The Habanero Chicken Wings were also dynamite. I loved the spicy, sticky barbecue sauce.

Winter can sure be cold. I hope that my post inspires you to escape a little of winter and enjoy the islands at Bahama Breeze. If you stop by the Bahama Breeze in Schaumburg, they do have live music Thursday-Sunday (check the schedule here). Also, they have happy hour Monday-Friday where you can get 1/2 prices appetizers from 4:00PM-6:00PM. (These hours will be expanding starting February 4!) I am looking forward to visiting the tropics at Bahama Breeze again soon! There are currently 33 locations throughout the US with more on the horizon, please check to see if there is a Bahama Breeze in your area!

**Disclosure: I did receive complimentary beverages and menu items in order to make an accurate review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Great post! Sounds wonderful...makes we want to go hang out and pretend I'm on vacation. :)