A Little Time and a Keyboard: Here Comes my Birthday--Already? Really?

Here Comes my Birthday--Already? Really?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Here it comes. Everyone around me is starting to sound like my parents. "The kids are getting so big." "Where has all the time gone." "I can't believe that was so long ago." "I can't drink like I used to.""I can't eat what I did when I was younger."

Someone make it stop! My peers are not supposed to be uttering such things. Our parents sound like this! You heard me---our parents! And they're old!

Aging used to not bother me. But, as I see my birthday rapidly approaching and I count my years, I realize that at some point soon I will be starting the the "second half" of my life.

Your mind cannot help to race ahead sometimes to the loss ahead--the loss of friends, the loss of abilities, the loss of youth. Just like in a movie, every song I hear on the radio reminds me of the bittersweet as well as downright sad things to come. It is almost like all of the radio stations have developed playlists geared towards my anxiety about my impending birthday.

But, I stop myself and think of all the great things to come. So, even though I am approaching an age that I don't dare mention, I am refocusing and enjoying those things that are important. As they say, age is just a number. And, hey, you know what, I get a lot of free crap for my birthday because I am a mom and married to a couponer so I am signed up for every loyalty program from here to Mozambique. Now, that I can enjoy!

**Disclosure: I have not compensated myself for this post. I will, however, be sharing a list of all of my birthday freebies with you at the end of February.


  1. I love my birthday! I figure we just get better with age. Can't wait to hear about the birthday freebies! Any I should sign up for now?

  2. My birthday is coming up in October and instead of thinking of the can'ts I will think of what turning 40 will mean to me instead.

  3. I hope you enjoyed all those birthday goodies :-) I like your approach to your birthday. It can be anxiety inducing know your getting older but it is best to look on the bright side and appreciate each year as a blessing.

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