A Little Time and a Keyboard: At home doggie Easter egg hunt

At home doggie Easter egg hunt

Friday, March 22, 2013

Years ago, one of my dogs won an Easter egg hunt at a nearby local dog bakery. She became quite the local celebrity, appearing on the news and all. Ever since then, an Easter egg hunt for the pooches has been on our Easter activity list.

As our lives became busier, we found it difficult to make it to an area doggie Easter egg hunt. So, we decided to have the fun at home!

Easter egg hunts for dogs are pretty easy to host and can be quite a fun event for the family. Together, my husband, daughter, and I fill some plastic Easter eggs with goodies for the dogs. The goodies usually include carrots, apple slices and a few more indulgent treats. Besides the eggs and goodies, all you need are some Easter baskets and you are ready to go!

Each year daughter hides the eggs. She loves this--and I am sure that she is scouting out spots as I write. We have held the egg hunt both inside and outside. I try to set boundaries to where my daughter hides eggs so that we do not end up with little surprises around the house later in the year or other interested little critters hanging around the yard. We try to keep track of how many eggs are hidden and their relative locations.

To start the "hunt," we show the dogs one of the eggs and its contents. (Of course, we do split the inside treat between our two dogs.) Sometimes the dogs get it, sometimes they don't. One of us helps each dog find some eggs. At the end of the hunt, we let the dogs have a couple of treats. While it is often a mad dash, it is a fun event. Holidays are truly made special by the little things!

Here is a picture of our beloved Truff sniffing out an egg. This year's hunt will be bittersweet since we lost our poor Truff last summer. She always loved Easter egg hunts, so we will continue the tradition in her honor.

Here is a picture of our FeeFee, one of the dogs that does not "get it" when it comes to Easter egg hunts. It is always fun to try to get her to participate. Of course, she does participate in enjoying the treats!

This year, we will introduce our new Australian Shepherd to the egg hunt. I am excited to see how she will do!

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