A Little Time and a Keyboard: FireZone Provides Firefighting Fun

FireZone Provides Firefighting Fun

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This past weekend, my daughter attended a FireZone party in Schaumburg. Surprisingly, this is the first time that we have been to FireZone. It has always been on my list, but we never seemed to make it to their drop-in events. I am glad that this birthday party finally prompted us to visit!

The party at FireZone was well run. (Honestly, it ran better than other parties we have been to.) From the beginning, the staff had the kids engaged. They began with coloring while waiting for all of the guests to arrive. Then, the birthday boy was chosen to be the Fire Chief and all of the kids were given fire helmets. Everyone was excited! The kids entered the play zone where they all grabbed fire jackets from hooks--just like they were in a firehouse. Time for fun! (Of course, they learned about fire safety as well!)

The play zone is perfect for kids to run around. There is a fire pole, fire truck, ambulance, and a burning house. Everything is spaced out well with plenty of room for running around. The kids got to take turns taking a hose into the burning house and rescuing a victim. They also manned the ambulance in order to help get the victim to the hospital. I was amazed at how well the kids worked in teams. They seemed like mini firefighters!

After playtime, the kids ate pizza and cake in the party room. Everything went smoothly and everyone had fun! The staff handled everything well and kept the kids happy and entertained!

Some things about FireZone:
  • The staff members are real firefighters.
  • When you have a party there, your guests are the only guests. There will be no random children running around!
  • The FireZone supplies the party supplies, pizza, and cake (depending on the package you choose).
  • The FireZone has KidVenture drop-in times with different themes and crafts. Some of the events include making a Dalmatian craft, decorating a helmet, making a fire puzzle, and more. (You can check the FireZone schedule for upcoming events,)
  • Also, you can arrange to have a playgroup there. What a fun outing for the little ones!
  • There also is a weekly weekday drop-in on Wednesdays from 10AM-1PM.
  • FireZone has a gift shop where you can find some cool firefighter items. This section is definitely very attractive to the kids.

FireZone is located at 1100 National Parkway in Schaumburg. Drop-ins cost $9 per child. The KidVentures (the specially-themed events) are also $3 per adults with complimentary beverages.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  2. So cool! My older son had one of his birthday parties at a place similar to this that had different set ups like an ambulance, a fire engine, a pirate ship. There are such great options for birthday parties now.
    Thanks so much for linking up to the I Don't Like Mondays Hop!

  3. This looks like fun. I'm stopping by from the blog hop and i hope your having a great day!!


  4. Just curious what ages this is for...I've seen them at the Labor Day Schaumburg festival and it was adorable!

    1. I would say it is good for 3 and up. There is some climbing into and out of the firetruck and ambulance. Littler ones would still have fun, parents would just have a more hands-on role.