A Little Time and a Keyboard: TreeHouse: a great place for kids to run around

TreeHouse: a great place for kids to run around

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We made a trip to the TreeHouse in Lake Zurich a couple months ago. When the weather is less than desirable outside, it can be difficult to find somewhere for the kids to run around. Kat and I took the girls to the TreeHouse and found it to be the perfect place for two little 7-year-old girls to run around.

 photo 99caabba-8b54-4a88-96ed-2365ad952b96_zps19579787.jpg The TreeHouse is quite a popular place! We arrived in the morning and it was already pretty busy. If you are planning on eating lunch there, I would recommend arriving early to avoid waiting or even coming for a later lunch (around 1PM). We did see a number of brave people that waited for people to leave so that they could enter. However, I could not imagine keeping the girls contained for too long!

There were plenty of good seats in the house. It seemed like you could see the play area from most. There even were some armchairs which were hot commodities. Additionally, we spotted some special sections for birthday parties.

The TreeHouse has plenty of space for kids to jump, climb, swing, and slide. Kids can even play basketball on a kid-size court. The play area seems best suited for those 4 and up. If your kids are more independent and have little problem with handling playgrounds, you will have a much easier time! (While the kids play, parents can rest a little!) The girls had a blast and were entertained for a couple of hours. (They probably would have stayed longer, but we did not want to hit traffic on the way home!)

 photo c3cc5d56-3285-4b26-a614-6a86a720de7f_zpsca554b92.jpg

Food is available at the the TreeHouse. Kids will be happy with the many child-friendly options. (However, parents need to watchout for the freezer full of ice cream treats. Kids will definitely hone in on this.) The menu also sports options that adults will like. You have the option of purchasing additional snacks including fruit. There is a coffee bar with quite a range of beverages. I found the food to be ok but nothing to write home about. However, not having to leave the play place for a meal is a plus. While I wasn't in the mood for a coffee concoction, they looked quite good.

If your little ones need to expend some energy and the weather is not conducive to outdoor play, definitely consider the TreeHouse. Admission is $10.50 per child 1-15. Those under 1 as well as those 16 and over accompanying a child are free. Check the website for hours because they do vary based on season. The TreeHouse is located at 985 S. Rand Rd. in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

**Disclosure: We were not compensated for this review. All opinions are 100% our own.


  1. I've been hearing about this place and want to try it one time. I think my son is probably a little too young right now, but maybe in another year or two.

    1. Hi, Lisa! Yes, I would probably wait until your son is older. This is the first year that we brought the girls. It was nice because we did not have to be on top of them the whole time!