A Little Time and a Keyboard: Making sushi at home {Munchie Monday}

Making sushi at home {Munchie Monday}

Monday, April 8, 2013

My daughter and husband bought me a handy Sushezi sushi maker for Christmas. We have whipped it out a couple of times and it actually is pretty easy to make sushi at home. I thought for today, I would just show you a little about how it works.

Before we start assembling our rolls, we make our rice and prepare our fillings. For this round, we just used vegetables. We cut up carrots, pepper, cucumber and avocado. Then, we fill the contraption with rice. You need to pack it in a bit. Then, we put on the filling.

Once your have put in your fillings, close up the sushi maker and get ready to twist the plunger through the tube. As you twist, just line up the rice along the seaweed. It truly is not as difficult as you would think.
After placing your rice roll onto the seaweed, roll it up. Then, cut to desired thickness and serve.
See, pretty easy! It may take a little playing with to get it exactly right. But, after a couple of uses, you will have the knack!
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  1. Wow! How cool! That makes it look so easy! I've never seen one of these before.

    1. It is surprisingly easy. It takes a couple to get the knack--but it works well. You can make all sorts of cool rolls at home!