A Little Time and a Keyboard: Kids Adventure Hunt {Learning, Bonding, Loving Life}

Kids Adventure Hunt {Learning, Bonding, Loving Life}

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Working hard on the challenges.
**Disclosure: We received complimentary admission to the Kids Adventure Hunt in order to facilitate this review. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% our own.

Yesterday, we completed the Kids Adventure Hunt in Arlington Heights. Children love scavenger hunts so you can imagine our girls' joy at doing a large scale scavenger hunt! Through a maze of clues, we covered the downtown area of Arlington Heights learning the whole way. The challenge allowed us to look at Arlington Heights with a more investigative eye, exposing some new treasures. We had a great time beginning our summer journeys with this adventure. Plus, the girls got to stretch their brains--not necessarily an easy feat in the summer!

Here is our experience:

Kat's take:

My daughter and I enjoyed the adventure hunt in Arlington Heights, organized by Yapa Events. It was educational (we learned a lot about the town's history), fun and good exercise, to boot!  I particularly like how it required her to hunt around for the clues to complete the challenges - finding names, dates, train schedules - instead of handing them to her on a silver platter.  Now in this age of the Internet and Google, I think a lot of kids don't have as well-developed a sense of fact-finding as they did a generation ago.  Today's event tapped into skills I want my daughter to have.  I hope Yapa does more of these type of challenges in different towns; my daughter would eagerly participate in them!

Mel's take: 

My daughter and I are history buffs, so this challenge is totally up our alley. The hunt took us by and through many key spots in Arlington Heights like the train station, Dunton House, the Village Hall and Berry-Yo. (Ok, well, Berry-Yo is key for those with a sweet tooth!) Even though I have lived in Arlington Heights for 10 years, I learned a lot and even visited the William Dunton statue for the first time. The walk is not strenuous and since you are in the downtown area, you can even stop somewhere for a bite (which we did--don't those girls look like they eat a lot!). There is a drink stop on the tour, but having a water bottle may be handy. Joan Dubnicka of Yapa Events has designed an impressively thorough adventure through Arlington Heights which even includes bypasses if you are short on time. There are photo challenges involved, which provide you with cute souvenirs. At the end, the kids receive a sweet treat as a reward for their efforts.{I don't think you will have difficulty solving the mystery of the sweet treat at the end!} If you are looking for something fun yet educational with the kids, I recommend this little adventure!

Some more info:

Yapa's Kids Adventure will be uncovering Arlington Heights for more families Thursday, June 13, Saturday, June 15 and Wednesday, June 19. You can start your adventure anytime between 9:30AM and 2:00PM. It took us about 4 hours to complete the adventure including a stop for lunch and a treat at the end. You can register through Yapa Events. The event costs $9 per child.

A surprise from the adventure:


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Love the dog picture. If that was a first, I bet you were surprized!

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  2. What fun! If we had time this weekend, it would definitely be something to consider. My nieces and nephews would LOVE it!

  3. This is so cool!! Tell them to come to Grand Rapids!