A Little Time and a Keyboard: Sandy Castle for Sandy Relief {Jersey Strong}

Sandy Castle for Sandy Relief {Jersey Strong}

Thursday, July 18, 2013

With a mission to support Sandy relief efforts, sand sculptor Ed Jarrett set out to craft a masterpiece to honor the Jersey Shore. Jarrett sculpted his magnificent castle at Jenkinson's Beach in Point Pleasant, an area impacted by the storm. What an impressive way to welcome summer to the shore in its first season since Sandy!

My sister recently visited the Sandy Castle and sent some pictures for me to share with you. I am originally from New Jersey and saw many of my family and friends affected by the storm. The first few weeks after the storm were especially difficult for everyone in New Jersey. While life has eased for many, there still are families in need because of the storm damage.

Some of the places that live in my childhood memories were changed forever. In fact, we took my daughter to Jenkinson's Beach, a place where I used to play with my siblings, just two years ago. I am definitely glad to hear about how the state has worked to recover from the storm.

It is truly inspiring to see Jarrett's dedication to helping the relief effort:

The Sandy Castle's official ribbon cutting ceremony was held on July 16. Admission consists of a donation of $2 per adult and $1 per child to benefit Hometown Heroes. Hometown Heroes is an organization that helps those in need in local communities. Following its mission, Hometown Heroes is helping those affected by Sandy.

The Sandy Castle has already raised more than $20,000 to aid those affected by Sandy. Wow! Jarrett says that over 2,500 children helped him construct the Sandy Castle. Overall, 4,500 volunteers aided in the effort. The scale of this tribute is amazing!

To see more about the Sandy Castle, you can check the Sandy Castle Facebook page. Also, the Brick Patch has a nice article about the effort. Jarrett is set to craft another sand castle with eyes on the Guinness Record. He attempted breaking the record with the Sandy Castle, however complications from restoration efforts in the area made construction a little more difficult than he expected. We will have to wait and see if he breaks the record--a record he set in Connecticut, in fact!

If you would like to donate to Hometown Heroes, you can do so through Jarrett's website. There are still many families in need as a result of the damaging storm. The restoration effort is ongoing but has made great progress!

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