A Little Time and a Keyboard: Simple ideas for celebrating Bastille Day {adding French flair}

Simple ideas for celebrating Bastille Day {adding French flair}

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Today is Bastille Day! Life is short, so in my house we try to celebrate every occasion that we can. Of course, our affinity for all things French does make it rather easy for us to celebrate Bastille Day! You do not have to go all out to do something special for Bastille Day. With the ideas below, you are sure to find the perfect way to celebrate the day:
  • Head over to the library and read about France, French culture or someone important to French history. Our library even has a French section where you can pick up a book in French to read.
  • Make crêpes. Alton Brown has a pretty easy crêpe recipe that is my go to. You can find it over at Food Network. These crepes are great with some fresh fruit!
  • Go to a farmer's market. The French are famous for their markets. Bastille Day can be the perfect excuse to purchase some fresh items at your local farmer's market. You may even be able to score yourself a baguette!
  • Put together a cheese platter. Use a selection of French cheeses along with some fruit and a baguette or crackers to make a nice spread!
  • Have a nice breakfast outside complete with croissants and some chocolat chaud. You can picture yourself at a French cafe! Why not add some French preserves to your spread?
  • Learn about the history of Bastille Day. The History Channel is an excellent and easily accessible resource for information on La Fête Nationale!
    La Fête Nationale,
    La Fête Nationale
    La Fête Nationale!
  • How about crafting a mosaic French flag? There is an adorable French flag craft over on President and many more Batille Day craft ideas!
  • Learn a little French! BBC actually has a number of great resources for learning French. Their page for children is really fun for both parents and kids to use! The page includes audio files, making learning a few words très facile!
With these ideas, celebrating Bastille Day is pretty easy! Vive la France!

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