A Little Time and a Keyboard: Traviata {a sweet treat in Lisle}

Traviata {a sweet treat in Lisle}

Sunday, July 21, 2013

We were first introduced to Traviata Chocolate and Gelato Cafe when we attended the Chocolate Expo at the Morton Arboretum this past February. Since the cafe is near the Arboretum and we visit the Arboretum frequently, I knew that a trip to Traviata was in our future.

After a recent afternoon at the Arboretum, we decided to head over to Traviata for a little sweet treat. The chocolate cafe is pretty close to the Arboretum, so it makes for a nice way to cap off a wonderful day! The cafe has a number of indulgences including handmade truffles, gelato, espresso drinks, chocolate drinks and more.

Each with a sweet tooth to satiate, my daughter and I made a beeline for the chocolate counter to peruse the truffles. We chose the dark chocolate truffle and the raspberry truffle. We opted to sample (devour) the dark chocolate truffle at the cafe. The truffle was perfectly rich--just what you would expect from a truffle. The shell was a little hard so it was difficult to split with a buddy! However, we definitely enjoyed our chocolate delight.

We brought our raspberry truffle home to enjoy. The raspberry truffle was a bit softer, making it easier to split. The truffle was delicious! It was a bit sweeter than the dark chocolate truffle and had a light raspberry taste.

Traviata is so close to the Arboretum that I am sure we will stop in again! Next on our agenda--gelato. As we walked into to Traviata, a satisfied customer proclaimed that he was eating the best gelato ever! I may have to take his recommendation!

Traviata Chocolate and Gelato Cafe is located at 1111 Burlington Ave., Suite 101 in Lisle, Illinois.

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