A Little Time and a Keyboard: Froehlich's {a must stop in Michigan for any foodie}

Froehlich's {a must stop in Michigan for any foodie}

Sunday, August 11, 2013

We frequently visit the New Buffalo, Michigan area. While we love our old favorites, we also enjoy finding some new surprises. I read about Froehlich's on the Chicago Foodie Sisters blog some time ago and have had it on my list for awhile. We finally stopped in today and loved it!

Froehlich's is tucked away in cute Three Oaks, Michigan. A true epicurean wonderland, Froehlich's has so much to look through---preserves from homegrown fruit, intriguing relishes, fresh ground peanut butter, from scratch breads and so much more! All of the preserves are in beautiful glass jars, adding an elegant touch.

Froehlich's also has cute foodie items to peruse. I enjoyed the little alcove with vintage dishes.

Since the store is also a cafe, you can order some sandwiches or a salad or even a quesadilla for lunch. We ordered a few things for the beach and went on our way. We enjoyed our sandwiches and I have to say that I really enjoyed the mustard! (Which is a good thing because I am a mustard snob!) We also left with a small portion of fudge which was already packaged ideally for your picnic basket!

Next time that I visit Froehlich's, I plan on loading up on some of their berry preserves. They look great and there are some interesting combinations! I may also pick up some peanut butter---it looks delicious!

Froehlich's is located at 26 N Elm in Three Oaks, Michigan. You can also order online!


  1. My husband is a huge mustard snob too :) It's sound like a great place to visit!

    1. It is a great place! I wanted to buy a bunch of preserves but I am waiting until I finish what I already have. I tend to stockpile a little too much!