A Little Time and a Keyboard: Introducing you to Club Mini Moe's and Moe's Catering!!!

Introducing you to Club Mini Moe's and Moe's Catering!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

**Disclosure:  We received one catering package in order to perform an accurate review. No other compensation was received for this post. All opinions are 100% our own.

As part of Moe's Blogger Advisory Council, we are introduced to a lot of the awesomeness that Moe's Southwest Grill has to offer. Recently, we were introduced to their Club Mini Moe's. Club Mini Moe's has a fun little Kids Zone where kids may play a few games or even make a Moe's Fortune Teller. You can even sign up for Club Mini Moe's to receive special offers and get access to games exclusively for members. Clubs like Mini Moe's can really save you some money and give you a few perks. If you like Moe's, this is one you may want to sign up for!

Right now, Club Mini Moe's has an amazing contest going on--you have the chance to win a birthday party package from Moe's for a party of up to 20 people! As members of the Council, we were fortunate enough to try out one of these packages to give you an inside look. Moe's has several different options to fulfill your catering wishes, so I am sure you will find the perfect one for you. These options include a fajita bar, salad bar and a taco bar. We ordered the fajita bar and were blown away by the amount of food that it included.

As part of our package, we also received all of the fixings for a fun family party. Take a peek:

We received a ton of frisbees, bracelets, tattoos, headbands and toys to make nice goodie bags for our guests. With coloring pages, crayons and a tablecloth, you can easily add flare to your party. Of course, who can resist the pinata!

With the catering, we received nearly everything you could think of to make a good fajita. The service at our local Moe's {Buffalo Grove} was pleasant and prompt. We definitely received way more than enough food. Everything arrived piping hot--which is not always the case when you cater in! The only small issue that we had is that we were not given a choice on salsas and only received two options. Fans of Moe's know that they have multiple fresh salsas (they have a bar at the restaurant, in fact). Just remember to be clear with your local Moe's about which salsas are available and which you will receive with your order. Look at all of the food, though! Everyone easily found something to eat.

The only other hiccup we had is that the pinata arrived on the warmest day of the year, so some of the candy melted. The good news--the candy was easily replaceable. Problem solved! Moe's party package was otherwise perfect for a summer party. Of course, we did add some margaritas to the festivities! Moe's helped us create some nice summer memories!

Can you believe all of the food and goodies in this package? Through September 16, 2013, you have the chance to win a catering package just like this. What a fun excuse to through a party! Head over to Club Mini Moe's to enter and read the terms and conditions. There will be 20 winners!

**The Catering Package Contest is exclusively through Moe's Southwest Grill. Two Moms, a Little Time, and a Keyboard is not responsible for this contest. We are simply sharing information about the contest with our readers.

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