A Little Time and a Keyboard: The Not-So-Spooky Tin Can Ghost {Craft}

The Not-So-Spooky Tin Can Ghost {Craft}

Thursday, September 26, 2013

We are always trying to use items we have around the house for little projects. With Halloween around the corner, we worked on turning a can into a spooky ghost. {Ok, so it is not so spooky!} This project is pretty easy and a good one to work on with the kids.

Here is what we needed:

1 empty tin can
white and black paint
white tissue paper
ribbon or string
a washer

On to our creation:

First, my husband hammered a hole into our can. {I am prohibited from hammering because most likely my thumb will become a victim.) Next, we painted our can. We needed 3 coats of the white paint to get our can covered to our satisfaction. With drying and my daughter's crazy schedule, this took us a couple of days to finish.

After painting the can white, my daughter painted a not-so-spooky face on her ghost. While the face was drying, she cut strips from the tissue paper. I had her determine the size to her preference.

Once the ghost was dry, my daughter glued the tissue paper strips to the inside of the can.

After the glue dried, I threaded some ribbon through the hole in the can and tied a washer to the bottom. Finally, I tied a loop so that we could hang our ghost! (If your hole is big enough, you may be able to stick both ends of the ribbon through and tie them to the washer.)

Voila, our ghost!

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  1. Cute! We had canned soup for lunch today because I was being lazy, so maybe I'll rescue those cans from the recycling bin! Happy ShareFest!