A Little Time and a Keyboard: White Chocolate Grill {a Bite to Eat in Naperville}

White Chocolate Grill {a Bite to Eat in Naperville}

Friday, September 13, 2013

**Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

A few weeks ago, we were in the Naperville area. We needed a bite to eat so we stopped at White Chocolate Grill. White Chocolate Grill has a wood-fire oven, huge menu, and desserts featuring white chocolate, of course!

We started our meal with a Caesar Salad. We were not expecting anything spectacular here. However, to our delight, we actually did enjoy the Caesar Salad. We were surprised that the Parmesan cheese was fresh. Nice!

At first, the menu was a bit overwhelming. However, we soon honed in on some selections. I chose the salmon with a side of steamed broccoli. I felt that the salmon was well prepared. The broccoli, however, was overdone and had too much olive oil on it. I just could not eat it and that honestly almost never happens to me when it comes to broccoli.

The hubby is a big French dip fan, so he chose the French dip sandwich for his meal. He enjoyed the French dip. However, the star for him had to be the horseradish dip that he asked for on the side. He happened to spy a horseradish dip with another menu item and asked for it lieu of the mayo that was to be on the sandwich. The dip was great! (I used it for my salmon, too!)

The restaurant does have a nice kids menu. Given that my daughter has been barred from having buttered noodles at meals, she opted for the cheeseburger. She was not a big fan of the cheeseburger but I am wondering it was because it was on the larger side or possibly because it was wood-fired. The fries, however, were dynamite!

Unfortunately, we did not have the appetite for dessert that evening. Of course, that means that we will need to go back for something sweet! I have heard that the bread pudding is unbelievable!

We did find that the service was a little slow, so I would not stop here for a quick meal. However, the staff was very attentive. You do need to ask for bread with your meal. So, if that is your cup of tea, don't forget to ask!

**Besides the Naperville, IL location of White Chocolate Grill, there are locations near Denver, CO and in Phoenix, AZ

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