A Little Time and a Keyboard: Halloween Bingo {Easy to Make}

Halloween Bingo {Easy to Make}

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My daughter loves scavenger hunts and I-Spy. When I can, I love to give her little games to make holidays, events or trips more special. Cooking up a special Bingo is one of my favorite things to do because it is easy and always puts a smile on my daughter's face. All you have to do to whip one of these up is to compile a bunch of images for the hunt, make a Bingo card and supply a sheet of festive stickers for your child to mark his or her discoveries. Then, have a little treat at the end and your child will be thrilled! Kids can work on Bingo while trick-or-treating or during a Halloween event. You can even make a card for a fall walk in October but not necessarily on Halloween.

Below, you can see a card that I made. I arranged my pictures in Paint. Pretty simple! I chose a mix of easy to find objects as well as more challenging items. {The claw, magic ball and bubbles may be a little more difficult.} The beauty of making your own game is that you can really personalize it and add your own flare, family jokes and challenges. Sometimes, the simplest of things put the biggest smile on a child's face!

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