A Little Time and a Keyboard: Make Your Own Mask for a Masquerade

Make Your Own Mask for a Masquerade

Friday, October 18, 2013

My daughter is dressing up as Marie Antoinette for Halloween this year. She spied a beautiful gold mask at a store that I shall not name for $40. She was pretty insistent that she needed the mask for her costume. The mask was on sale for $20 so I considered it for a moment. However, I had already purchased her the ever-so-famous bouffant wig. So, I thought maybe we could do better than $20. I decided to make her one on my own and was able to do so for $6. Not bad!

This craft is so easy that I will be doing it in the future, no doubt!

What you need:

satin mask
gold acrylic paint
assortment of feathers
glue gun


First, I painted the mask gold. It took about three good coats to get the gold color even. Make sure the paint dries between coats. You may want to view the mask under a couple different lights to check for evenness. Once the mask is dry, heat up the glue gun. Then, glue the feathers in desired assemblage. Easy!


To make your mask different, you can add other adornments like flowers or jewels. Also, you can use a dowel rod to make the mask handheld.  

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