A Little Time and a Keyboard: Getting Funky for Halloween at Paper Crown Gallery with Yapa Events

Getting Funky for Halloween at Paper Crown Gallery with Yapa Events

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween is the perfect time to get a little funky and do something outside of the box! Picture your favorite little ghosts, monsters, witches and goblins doing the Monster Mash surrounded by vibrant pieces of street art. Last weekend, we attended a spirited Halloween party at Paper Crown Gallery in Arlington Heights. The party was full of costumed guests getting into the atmosphere of the venue through art of their own. Fun games and Halloween themed music helped round out a "spirited" Halloween party.

We had a wonderful time at Halloween in the Gallery and wanted to give you a little peek:

Mel's take:

As an ideal holiday for children, Halloween allows you to step into another life and have a bit of fun. The day oozes creativity. An art gallery provides an ideal setting for a gathering truly capturing the Halloween spirit. With Halloween music playing, Ghostbusters on the big screen and art all around, the mood was set.

A lot of merriment was packed into an hour and a half. We began with hands-on fun by crafting pumpkins and masks. Before trying our hands at the games, we nibbled at the snack table with mini make-your-own s'more cups and creepy {or not} hands full of popcorn.. The themed games were fun and even a tad challenging. Can you wrap a mummy with toilet paper without a piece ripping off? This proved to be quite a challenge for our little ones. But, with some teamwork and creative thinking, we got the girls wrapped! The party ended with a lively costume parade. As the girls left the gallery with their prized eyeball cups in hand, we knew that it would be a day that we would not soon forget.

Kat's take:

My daughter and I really enjoyed the latest Yapa event at Paper Crown Gallery.  The cavernous space was the perfect setting for the Halloween-themed shindig (I personally loved the Ghostbusters clips projected on the high screen).  She was excited to wear her fancy dress costume, and she loved all the fun Yapa had cooked up:  painting pumpkins, decorating masks, wrapping her buddy up in toilet paper and playing TP bowling!  The yummy s'mores snack (Chex mix, marshmallows, chocolate chips) was a big hit, as was the costume parade around the gallery.  It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Final reflections:

Yapa Events and Paper Crown Gallery provided a Halloween event that not only delighted us but also enriched our lives as well. Coupling Halloween with exposure to art was a unique and memorable way to celebrate!

Yapa Events will be beginning another enriching series next Sunday, November 10th. This series, the Passport Series, will begin with "Celebrating Italy." The event will provide a hands-on experiences to learn about Italian culture. For more information, view our previous post.

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