A Little Time and a Keyboard: Glass Ornament Turkeys {Children's Craft}

Glass Ornament Turkeys {Children's Craft}

Friday, November 15, 2013

My daughter and I had a mini-craft-a-pallooza when she was off of school on Monday. With Turkey Day on the mind, we came up with a fun little craft making turkey ornaments. The past couple of years, I have been crafting with clear glass Christmas balls. Since we snag crafting ornaments when they are heavily discounted, I do have a number just waiting to be crafted. I thought that they would make cute little turkeys. With a little construction paper, scissors and tape, we were able to transform clear glass balls into turkeys! The best thing about this project---my 8-year-old could do most of it herself! In fact, once I got her started---she ran with it and came up with a lot of the elements herself. So, this is a kids' craft made by kids! {And cute to boot!}


clear glass crafting ornaments
brown, red, yellow and orange construction paper (scraps will work)
tape (or glue)


Cut some of the brown paper into thin strips. You don't need too much depending on how many ornaments you are filling. We cut them the same length as the width of the paper and then cut them in half. Once cut, remove the top of the ornament(s) and thread the strips inside. Fill to achieve desired look.

Next, cut pieces of construction paper to make the tail feathers. My daughter cut half moons of different sizes representing each color. (Well--sort of half moons--she freehanded a bit!) She then layered them to make the tail.

Then, cut out face, wings, beak and the wattle. Draw eyes on the turkey or add some googly eyes. Tape or glue the pieces to the ornament. (I prefer glue but my daughter was adamant about using tape.) Put on the top of the ornament and you are done!

***To take it up a notch, you could add pipe cleaners for the feet. Also, you could make little rings (like used for Easter eggs) from cardboard as stands.***

An easy craft that my daughter was engaged in! I love it!

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