A Little Time and a Keyboard: Thanksgiving Giving Pie {Kids Craft}

Thanksgiving Giving Pie {Kids Craft}

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

 My daughter is of the age where she is very cognizant of the effect that she has on the people around her and that she has the power to initiate change. A few days ago, she came home with a cute crafted paper pie with a slit to store inspirational sayings. We decided to bend this craft a little and make a Thanksgiving Giving Pie. For this pie, we wrote ways that we would give in the following year on papers that we slipped into our pie. In essence, we "baked" our pie by giving. My daughter chose to model a peach pie with our concoction. So, we wrote our ideas for giving on peach slices!

My daughter designed most of this craft, so it is a great one for kids to work on! When I suggested the craft, she was so motivated that she did most of it on her own!


Paper or plastic bowl
Construction Paper (orange and yellow)


Cut thin strips from yellow construction paper for the lattice. Cut peach slices from the orange construction paper.

You can shade the yellow strips a little with a brown crayon to make a "baked" look.

 Next, lay out the first layer of the lattice and glue the ends of each strip to the bowl. If little fingers are working on this, remind them to hold each end down a little bit to make sure it sticks.

Criss-cross the next layer above. Leave spaces large enough to slip your peach slices inside.

Write the ways you would like to give on your peaches and slide them into your pie. We glued a few peaches on the top so that we could easily identify the pie as a peach pie!

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