A Little Time and a Keyboard: 10 Cheap Ways to Add Holiday Fun {A Little Sparkle Goes a Long Way!!}

10 Cheap Ways to Add Holiday Fun {A Little Sparkle Goes a Long Way!!}

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 Cheap Ways to Add Holiday Fun

Holiday fun does not always need to cost a ton of $ or even any $ at all. Honestly, my daughter seems to be more thrilled with the cheap fun than she is with pull out all of the stops entertainment. Adding more sparkle to your holiday is so easy and we have 10 ideas for you!

  • Holiday lights. Throw the family in the car **even the dogs** and take in the holiday lights in your neighborhood. Add a little more holiday flare by making hot cocoa for the event, bringing along holiday cookies or candy canes. Also, fill your car with holiday music for a little more spirit!
  • Hold a candy cane hunt. Candy canes are pretty inexpensive and seem to be given out freely in vast quantity this time of year. Hide them around the house or even outside. You could even do a flashlight hunt in the evening. You can have small prizes that don't necessarily cost anything--like the winner gets to choose which movie to watch that night.
  • Make your own Christmas cards. Ok, I am not saying make them for everyone, but you can choose a few key people and have the kids make the cards themselves. All you need is construction paper, scissors, glue and a few add-ons.
  • Spread cheer. As a family, brainstorm how you can bring a little extra holiday cheer to those around you. Maybe it is springing for a cup of coffee for that crossing guard that is out in all of the elements or bringing some holiday cookies to an older neighbor living on their own.
  • Create a holiday scavenger hunt. You can either plan one for inside your own house, for when you are out looking at lights or when you are out and about doing errands. Santa Bingo is a favorite in our house!
  • Whip up a holiday inspired breakfast. Peppermint hot cocoa or hot cocoa with holiday sprinkles on the whipped cream. Red and green M&M's in pancakes. Festive omelets with red and green peppers. All of these ideas will easily add magic to the breakfast routine!
  • Construct paper or popcorn chains. Chains are classic but kids get really involved in them. One year, my daughter worked on a paper chain for two hours!
  • Read with candle light. Gather the family by the lit Christmas tree for a family reading session. You can read together out loud or you can each read your own books. Add some candle light to up the atmosphere. 
  • Create some holiday-inspired milkshakes. You can sip them while watching a holiday movie. Up the holiday quotient of your milkshakes easily by adding a "snowman" face to a whipped topping or get a little fancy by making something like these Gingersnap Shakes.
  • Snowman yourselves! Have each family member craft their own personalized snowman. These "snowmen can" go around the house doing good deeds for other family members.

Having a little extra holiday magic is pretty easy and you can do it without spending a lot of money! Happy Holidays to all!

Do you have more affordable ways to add holiday magic? Please share in the comments!

10 Affordable and Easy Ways to Add Holiday Fun


  1. I remember going on drives around neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights! That's always a fun activity!

    1. It is definitely one of our faves. We go out a couple of times a year with the dogs. So much fun!

  2. These are some great ideas as I'm definitely too lazy and cheap so these will come in handy. I definitely love lights and so does my son so we're happy to have our tree up! :) Happy Holidays and have a great one ladies! -Iva

  3. My family loves themed breakfasts!

  4. At a time of year that can quickly get expensive and focused on stuff over experiences, I LOVE this list! :)

  5. Such a fun list! I think we'll have to try some milkshakes over winter break :)