A Little Time and a Keyboard: Boredom Busters {Surviving the Polar Vortex with Kids}

Boredom Busters {Surviving the Polar Vortex with Kids}

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I am sure that by now most of you are tired of being stuck inside. I was overly optimistic Saturday that we would be going out. However, when I saw my Aussie fall over in the wind, I knew that there was no chance. Thank goodness that we did not have anywhere that we needed to be! The weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday will result in a couple of more days off of school. How to fill those days? Here are some ideas for Boredom Busters!

Make some creative games:
  • Hold an auction. Have kids gather some items that they are ready to trade. Then, they can bid on each others items. Alternatively, have them create coupons for ways they are willing to help others i.e. cleaning the table, taking the dog out, etc. Then, bid on those coupons. They can use their toys to bid on the coupons or the coupons to bid on toys.
  • Create your own Olympics. Add some balancing games and have the kids see how long they can balance various items in spoons while walking. You can also create an obstacle course or have a Twister competition. How about a hula hoop competition as well? Many possibilities!
  • Host a dress up party! You can even make this themed. Maybe your kids would like to dress up like safari animals or their favorite characters? Kids can be pretty creative devising costumes out of items they already have. My daughter often is able to pull out items she already owns for her costume for Halloween every year. See what they can come up with! At the simplest level, they an even make masks with some paper plates and string!
Make meal time special:
  • Have an indoor picnic. Put a blanket on the ground. You can even get fancy and bring your picnic in a basket. Finger food would be perfect!
  • Enjoy tea time. Make finger sandwiches and small desserts. You can brew a fruit tea or even use lemonade. You can all sport hats like fine ladies having tea!
  • Create your own toppings for popcorn. Celebrate with Style has some great inspirations for toppings and mixin's.
  • Put together a hot cocoa bar. Your Home Based Mom has a lovely idea for a holiday hot cocoa bar. You can use this for some ideas! I am sure that the kids will get creative!

Explore the world:
  • Give each child a country to study. If you have a chance to go to the library, each child can choose a couple of books about that country. After reading, they can share what they learned.
  • Prepare foods from different countries to enjoy an international feast. You can either focus on one country or pick several and prepare a dish from each. As a child, I loved attending my school's International Fair and trying all of the food!
  • Hone in on one country. Find a traditional game to play or song to sing. Listen to music from that country. Learn about what it is like to live in that country. Make a meal based on the food in the country. With the internet, it is easy to do much of this from home!
  • Go to the library and pick out fairy tales from different countries. Come home, read them out loud and discuss them. Are they similar to other fairy tales that you have read? At my daughter's school, they often do a comparison of various Cinderella traditions throughout the world. The University of Pittsburgh has page with a nice collection of Cinderella stories from all over! See how different yet similar the stories from various traditions are!
Work on simple science experiments:
Use some bonding time to share what makes you different:
  • Enjoy a dance party and let each person choose their favorite music to be played. {Not only will you get a chance to hear what your children like, you will be able to share some of your old favorites, too!} Time to let loose!
  • Spend a day at the movies! Depending on time, you can either each choose your favorite movie or decide on one together.
  • Work on family genealogy. My daughter is always asking questions about our family. A couple of unexpected days off of school may give you some time to discuss who your family is and where you come from.

With no end to winter in sight, I hope the some of these ideas help you fill your days! What are you go-to activities when weather has you stuck in the house?


  1. Great ideas, thank you so much for sharing. Popping by to say hi from the hop.

  2. I wish I had blogs like yours when my children were small! Great ideas. Thanks for sharing on the blog hop!!