A Little Time and a Keyboard: 6 Things to Love When You Wind Down your Trip

6 Things to Love When You Wind Down your Trip

Sunday, March 30, 2014

We just returned from a week long adventure driving out to Maine and back. We love the road, but sometimes the last leg can be a bear. Last evening, as we enjoyed our last bit of freedom before returning to the hum-drum of everyday life I reflected on one of the great things about by at the end of your trip. Here are some things this traveler enjoys as journey's end nears:
  • Whatever you pull out of your suitcase, you wear it clean or dirty. Pretty much, you have reached the slim-pickin's stage of your travels. But, you really don't care and are happy when you find two socks that match.
  • Indulging one last time is a must. By the end of the trip, there is less of a worry of undoing your diet. You have already done what you have done and the next day you will be returning home and to a more normal eating and exercising schedule. So, you are less worried about that extra piece of chocolate.
  • You start thinking about the next adventure. All of you with wanderlust know what I am talking about. No matter how grand your trip, you are already thinking of future travels while on vacation. This doesn't mean you did not enjoy your adventure. In fact, you are riding so high from your recent trip that you are vigorously anticipating further voyages!
  • Soon, you will be sleeping in your own bed. There is nothing like the first night home in your own bed. You will sleep well--don't forget the alarm clock!
  • Tails will be wagging when you get home. The welcome home we receive from our dogs makes us feel like we are part of the British royalty. 
  • You begin looking through pictures of your adventure and reminiscing of the amazing time that you had. Usually, we have some dead time on our way back whether it be waiting for our flight or taking a breather at a rest area. I fill some of this in with going through our pictures. Reliving the some of the nicer moments of our trip always has us smiling even during a rough travel day home.
Now, the trip back to reality is not nearly as joyous as our time away. But, it does have a bit of its own charm. For now, I am happy to be home and reconnecting. However, I am sure that I will be back to active travel planning again in another couple of weeks! Carpe diem!

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