A Little Time and a Keyboard: Escaping the Usual with Eclat Chocolate's ALP Aleppo Pepper and Pink Peppercorn Bar

Escaping the Usual with Eclat Chocolate's ALP Aleppo Pepper and Pink Peppercorn Bar

Monday, March 10, 2014

**Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

I am continually on the hunt for unique chocolate bars. I wouldn't say that I always go for crazy flavors or combinations, but I do like to try combinations that are different from the norm yet still seem like they may blend together. On one of our trips to Pennsylvania, my husband happened to discover an interesting chocolate bar by Éclat Chocolate. Éclat has a series of destination bars inspired by Chocolatier Christopher Curtin's love of travel. The particular bar we picked up highlights Aleppo Pepper and Pink Peppercorn, reminiscent of spices from old trade routes through the ancient world. As a fan of pepper and chocolate, this bar sounded like quite the find. But, would the pepper be too much? Of course, curiosity piqued--I had to try the bar!

When I broke open the bar, I immediately could see peppercorns. Hmmm? Upon first bite, my taste buds were not sure how to handle the flavors. The bar certainly does live up to the name Éclat with it is burst of flavor from the pepper. Upon second bite, the bar became addictive. The pepper adds quite a punch that is very fresh. This is the kind of bar that really wakes up your senses. While the flavor is addictive in a way, I find that I cannot eat too much of it because the pepper becomes a little strong after a few bites. I actually find this to be a good quality in a bar because you are satisfied after just a nibble---great for the diet!

All in all, I give an exuberant thumbs up to this bar. Perfect for someone who would like to try something different! The freshness of the pepper reminds me a bit of spring--so a great choice for a day like today when the birds are chirping to welcome the change of the seasons!

Éclat Chocolate is made in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Christopher Curtin is an acclaimed chocolatier and pastry chef. He has developed his technique after learning from masters throughout the world. Take a whirl around Éclat's website and you will be tempted! Éclat has an amazing array of confections!

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