A Little Time and a Keyboard: Get Out There: Work on your Travel Planning with the Best of the Midwest Blog Hop

Get Out There: Work on your Travel Planning with the Best of the Midwest Blog Hop

Monday, March 3, 2014

Thinking about warmer days of travel ahead! Picture of the Morton Arboretum.

This month, the Best of the Midwest Blog Hop is focusing on collecting travel planning tips culled  from our experience. With mounds and mounds snow still on the ground here in the Midwest (yikes---it's March!!!!), I am sure that we are all busy dreaming of breaking out of our houses and getting out on the road! If we have to be stuck in our homes a little longer (UGH!), why not work on some travel planning? Follow along in our blog hop for some tips and ideas! Plus, don't forget to add some of your own by adding a link to the hop or sharing in comments.

Right now, I am in the final stages of planning a trip and am working on my bucket list for that trip. I like to itemize the essential goals of the trip so I do not miss the big things.
  • Build in pockets of time to rest: I am overzealous when I travel and want to do everything! However, everyone needs a little time to breath and enjoy being away. I like to build in a little time for us to enjoy the hotel or not feel rushed so we can revel in our time away from obligations.
  • Organize your travel goals and prioritize attractions: Ok, let's face it, you may not be able to see everything you intended on no matter how well your trip is planned. Make sure you know what your must-sees are before leaving and put them on a list so you can be sure to hit those first.
  • Assemble relaxation items: The object of vacation is manifold--to explore, have fun and relax. I like to bring some of my creature comforts with me to help me relax. I pick up a couple of good books, put together a nice selection of tea (there may be a selection of tea on the road but it is often lacking), nice comfy socks and--dare I say--a manicure kit. I almost never get to do my nails at home, so I find it to be a treat to do them when on vacay. Sad, I know!
We have written several posts with family travel ideas, so I thought that I would take this opportunity to share them again. Some of our newer readers may have not seen these posts and other readers may need a refresher! Bon voyage!

We'd love to see where you've been visiting!

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