A Little Time and a Keyboard: Packing Strategies for Spring Break {Time to Get on the Road}

Packing Strategies for Spring Break {Time to Get on the Road}

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Break is upon us and it is time to get packing! With some advance planning, packing should go easily and you will have little to worry about. Here are some strategies that we use:

  • Lists: I know if I pack casually, I am definitely going to miss something. I don't necessarily make a list of everything---just the things that may be unusual or that I may forget.
  • Check the Weather: Do not just assume. I have been in Florida when it was unseasonably cool and Iceland when it was unseasonably warm. Layers are always good to pack because you can easily change attire to fit the weather.
  • Pack Plastic Bags: Trust me, just trust me. Ziplock bags can be handy for leftovers or containing found treasures like shells or rocks. Plastic bags are also great for dealing with wet bathing suits and towels when on the move or the *dreaded* bout of car sickness.
  • Motion sickness medication: We have been surprised a couple of times with the ugly specter of motion sickness. It is just easier to have the pills along in case.
  • Fans, bug repellent and sunscreen depending on season and location: Sometimes you can find these items on arrival. However, they can be overpriced. I have also been places where we could not find bug repellent to save ourselves are the only repellent contained chemicals we were not comfortable with.

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." ~Confucious

  • Batteries and a flashlight: No matter where you go, you may need a flashlight. You can get compact ones that you can easily stow away. Plus, you don't want to forget fresh batteries for your flashlight and other electronics.
  • First aid kit: We keep one well stocked and ready for travel.
  • Start early: We usually start packing a couple of weeks before our trip. We begin with nonessential items and gradually work our way to things we are using or more of a daily basis.
  • Copies of documents: If travelling abroad, you will want copies of travel documents just in case your originals get lost. This is a task that you can accomplish well ahead of your trip. We bring copies with us and leave some with family members.
  • Buy nonperishable snacks: This actually can be a fun part of packing. We like to travel with a decent amount of nutritious nonperishable snacks for those moments where you cannot locate food quickly and as way to ensure a healthy snack.
  • Plan for your liquid carry on allowance will traveling by air: The worst is when on the morning of your trip you realize that all of your liquids are too large for your carry on allowance. If you plan ahead, you can make sure to have what you need--either by obtaining small bottles or finding a place to pick up necessities at your arrival location.
What are your favorite packing strategies? What do you always forget and can never seem to remember?

Packing Strategies for Spring Break

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