A Little Time and a Keyboard: Theo Chocolate Comes to Chicagoland Meijers {and a Look at the Classic Bars}

Theo Chocolate Comes to Chicagoland Meijers {and a Look at the Classic Bars}

Friday, May 2, 2014

**Disclosure: I did receive complimentary Theo Chocolate Bars for the purpose of this review. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

I first tried Theo Chocolate a couple of years ago and have not been able to turn down a bar since. I have always found their chocolate selections to be lusciously thick, rich and delicious. When you bite into a Theo Chocolate Bar, you can immediately tell that it is a quality bar. While Theo does make a wonderful chocolate bar, the bars with the add-ins really grab you! As I write this, I am actually enjoying a few nibbles of their new Ginger Bar--made with 70% cacao chocolate. The chocolate is rich and decadent. The ginger is certainly fresh and pops out at you with a delightful bit of sharpness.

Theo is a Feel Good Company:

Besides having quality products, Theo is a company that you truly feel good about supporting. Theo's overall mission is to make the world a better place and to honor the interconnectedness of every person and place on Earth. Our actions here affect people nearby as well as people as far flung as the Congo or Ecuador. Something that seems pretty innocuous like buying a chocolate bar can have far reaching effects when you consider sourcing and all the people that have come together to create that bar and get it to you.

Ginger Bar, Raspberry Bar, Dark Chocolate Salted Almond Bar

Quality Small Batch Production:

Theo uses small batch production methods which I think really shows in their bars. When you eat a Theo bar, you can just feel the craftsmanship. The chocolate is smooth and melts slowly in your mouth. The ingredients inside or fresh---not dried up like in other bars I have had. The small batch process really gives Theo more control on the quality of their bars which helps them insure quality. When I think about the food I love best, it tends to be something homemade. Since Theo does not make its bars using grand scale manufacturing, they produce a bar that is quite fresh.

Helping the World through Sustainability...and Making Great Chocolate:

As a Fair Trade, Fair for Life company, you know that Theo cares about its employees and suppliers as well as the communities they live in. I found it especially neat that Theo shows where they source their cocoa beans from right on the Theo website. Theo Bars are also organic and non-GMO. Plus, the company stresses sustainability and even helps its partners use environmentally-friendly methods to grow ingredients. As we are all interconnected, environmental damage in one area can have far reaching impacts. Farming with sustainable methods helps all of us today as well as future generations.

Ahhhhh.....back to the chocolate....so good! I sampled a number of the Classic Bars. I tried the Raspberry Bar--once again, a wonderful blend with fresh raspberry that jumps at you but is not too much. I think my favorite has to be the Dark Chocolate Salted Almond. I have a love-hate relationship with almonds. Sometimes I love them, sometimes not so much. But, the combo of the almonds, dark chocolate and bit of salt is relay playful. Love it!

If you have not tried Theo before, they really are a treat! The best part for me--I feel satisfied with just eating a little bit. Even one square of a bar is thoroughly enjoyable. So, I find Theo Chocolate Bars to be a treat where I can savor a bite without going too far and undoing my diet---most of the time......

Theo has recently added Chicagoland Meijers as another retail outlet. Meijer will have the Classic Bars including the 70% Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, Ginger, Dark Chocolate Salted Almond and Milk Chocolate Salted Almond. So glad that these wonderful bars are becoming easier and easier to find!

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  1. I do almost all my grocery shopping at Meijer - I'll have to look for these the next time I'm there. I love that they've added Theo Chocolate - and have you seen all the Purple Cow Ice Cream? YUM!!!