A Little Time and a Keyboard: Whose Charger Is Whose? Whooz Will Help!

Whose Charger Is Whose? Whooz Will Help!

Friday, May 30, 2014

**Disclosure: We receive a complimentary product in order to conduct an accurate review. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

As my daughter gets older, the number of electronics in our house is growing--quite possibly at an exponential rate. My daughter also seems to be getting more and more possessive of her things--which I guess is understandable as she is developing her own identity. Eventually, I am sure we will have quite a few chargers around to sort out. Mompreneur Sativa Turner faced a similar dilemma years ago while attending college. Sativa and her roommate debated over which charger was whose. In order to distinguish between the two, Sativa took out a marker to design hers. This incident inspired Sativa create quality yet removable labels to use to personalize chargers, adaptors and more for iDevices.

Voila, Whooz:

As you can see, Whooz are pretty fun! They are pretty practical for a family using a number of chargers and their bright and cute designs are particularly appealing to kids. However, they really get the job done as far as personalizing the often indistinguishable portions of your devices. I think that they would look very lively in a gift basket for a new grad or maybe as an add-on gift for a child getting their first phone. They are adorable and would make a useful but amusing gift!

Besides providing a fun product, Whooz is made in the U.S. in the San Francisco area. Plus, Whooz has partnered with the organization Arc in San Francisco to help employ adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I love that Whooz is more than a company and is involved in helping the local community!

While trying out Whooz I learned a few things:
  • Whooz are easy to use.
  • They are removable.
  • Even though they are removable, they may stretch a bit when taking them off so you do want to be careful when putting them on.
  • The Whooz packet comes with simple instructions.
  • Each pack comes with 4 different sets of vinyl labels within a series.
  • Whooz are so darn cute!
With Whooz around, we will be able to tell whose charge is whose! Savita's product is completely adorable! I also love that Whooz helping the community by employing adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities! These are products that make you feel good all around!


  1. This is the firs time I've heard of this product and I love it? I will be filling some Christmas stockings with these for sure. It's awesome what Savita is doing for the community, hats off to her!!

    1. They will definitely make great stocking stuffers!