A Little Time and a Keyboard: Fourth of July Ideas: Keeping the Kids Busy Before Parades and Fireworks

Fourth of July Ideas: Keeping the Kids Busy Before Parades and Fireworks

Saturday, June 28, 2014

So, we all want to get a great spot for the parade or the fireworks, right? However, this sometimes means arriving at your location pretty early and leaving idle time for the kiddos. We all know what that could mean......By being prepared a bit ahead of time, you may be able to keep the kids occupied while waiting for Fourth of July Festivities. Here are some ideas to keep those little hands busy:

  • Bubbles: Bubbles are very portable and have saved the day more than once.
  • Fourth of July Scavenger hunts: You can task the kids with finding Fourth of July related items like flags, patriotic hats, picnic items, etc.
  • Picnic: Speaking of picnics, you can bring a long a picnic to the event. You can fill your basket with fun finger foods. If your plan is to have dinner before the fireworks, you can bring along dessert.
  • Make your own flags: Bring along materials to have the kids make their own flags while waiting. You can even jazz it up by having them make historic flags.
  • Traditional games like marbles, jacks or Jacob's ladder: Why not celebrate America's history with traditional games. What a fun way to introduce pieces of Americana while keeping the kids entertained! My daughter loves these types of games, so I am sure your kids will, too!
  • Game of hot potato: I am not sure why I don't do this more often, but everything you need is easily portable and the game can be pretty fun!
  • Identifying object game: Bring bags of random objects and have the kids feel them trying to identify the objects inside.
  • Toilet paper roll game: I am sure many of you played a similar game during wedding or baby showers. Bring a roll with you and have each kid pull off a random number of squares. For each square, they can tell something they love about America or relate a piece of history.
  • Park it near a park: If you can find a location near a park, your work will be easier. We like to watch the fireworks from a local park because our daughter can entertain herself by playing.
Whatever you do, do not forget sunscreen (if you will be out during the day), bug spray or water. Forgetting these items may be an issue that you can easily avoid.

Have a great Fourth of July!

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