A Little Time and a Keyboard: Little Passports Lets Kids Travel the World Without Leaving Home {Review}

Little Passports Lets Kids Travel the World Without Leaving Home {Review}

Thursday, June 26, 2014

**Disclosure: We did receive complimentary product in order to conduct an accurate review. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

Summer break. Nice long days full of fun and relaxation. But, what happens when your kids do not have anything to do? "I'm bored." Words that evoke fear in many-a-parent. Fortunately, Little Passports can come to the rescue! Little Passports is a pretty cool interactive program the delivers the world to your doorstep complete with plenty of educational and inspiring activities for the kiddos. We received the opportunity to try out one of Little Passports' monthly adventures so we could introduce this fun and educational system to you.

My daughter loves to learn about new places near and far. She loves to learn about history, culture, language and places to see. So, a program that allows her to spread her wings and explore topics she enjoys is perfect! Little Passports engages children in exploring the world by using activities that actually let kids experience a little bit of each place they "visit."

Two different tracks allows kids to either travel the world or the United States. This year, we have been doing a lot of road trips throughout the United States, so I thought that trying out the United States track would be perfect for my daughter. Plus, she has been learning facts about each state in Social Studies, so it seemed a natural fit!

To start, my daughter received a "travel" kit including a colorful United States map, a fun Rainbow Paper scratch book familiarizing American landmarks, food and more, a field guide for recording her travels, a camera to take pictures of her own town, an introduction letter and a handy-dandy pouch to tuck everything away! I love, love, love the camera because I think it is so important to take note of what is around us! What a great way to encourage children to uncover gems right where they are!

For my daughter's first "trip," she visited Oklahoma and Maine. Fellow travelers Sofia and Sam guide children as they explore their destinations. The booklet my daughter received was bright, cheery and engaging. She was hooked as soon as she saw it and enjoyed learning about Maine and Oklahoma through a variety of activities including word searches, drawing exercises, recipes and more. I loved that she could do so much of the packet on her own. However, we did work on several activities together and I learned as well!

Fun things about Little Passports:
  • The activities are engaging and include hands-on ideas like tying a knot, making your own mini cave and more.
  • Kids love receiving mail, so they will be excited every month when their "destinations" arrive.
  • Souvenirs are a must when traveling and Little Passports does provide the kids with little souvenirs like post cards and stickers.
  • The thought-provoking tasks highlight the states while kids use their minds and have fun!
  • Important events from each state's history are listed. However, there are also some amusing ones including like Okmulgee, Oklahoma setting the record for the world's largest pecan pie with a pecan pie that was 40 feet wide!
  • The set is so compact that kids can bring it along on travels of their own to occupy them on the road or in hotels.

Little Passports is really a well rounded program that is both entertaining and educational. The way each state is presented encourages little travelers to absorb many elements of the places they visit. While I think that the activities are perfect for kids to work on themselves, I also found the packet engaging enough for parents as well. Hello, family activity! Whether you travel the world or the U.S., the Little Passports Adventure will be interesting, a bit challenging and a blast!

The World Edition is geared towards those 5-10 years old and costs$10.95 a month if you take a year's subscription. The United States Edition is geared towards those 7-12 and costs the same. There also are other subscription types like by month and 6 months. Guess what? Our readers get 40% off the first month of the monthly plan with code: FUN40! Great for summer!

**If you are traveling to San Antonio, Texas, I did learn that Little Passports will have a special program with JW Marriott in San Antonio. The program will be offered to guests through the Kids' Club. Maybe we will see this elsewhere in the future?

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