A Little Time and a Keyboard: Now Matter How Far You Travel, You Are Not Far From Home: Home Sweet Home by Chicken Soup for the Soul

Now Matter How Far You Travel, You Are Not Far From Home: Home Sweet Home by Chicken Soup for the Soul

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

**Disclosure: We did receive a complimentary copy of Home Sweet Home for the purpose of conducting a review. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% our own.

I am always amazed by how many volumes of Chicken Soup for the Soul there are. Then, I read one and realize there are always stories--our stories. We all have so much to share and with that sharing comes the understanding that yes, I have been there. We share comfort in knowing others have thought what we thought or experienced what we have experienced.

One of this year's editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul really embodies that camaraderie that we all share. No matter where we end up in life, we all love that comfort that comes with home whether your home be a physical structure or a group of people. In Home Sweet Home, you will find bittersweet tales of how life changes as we grow and people enter and leave our lives. We may leave home or we may stay forever in our home. We may change or our home may change but those memories that keep us grounded are still there.

This volume is a lovely read. I particularly enjoyed the story of parents that sold their home to their daughter and her young family. As the mother arrives for a visit, she comments on all the things that have changed. However, once her daughter answers the door and the mother hears her daughter's voice, she knows she is home. Another story tells of a father's desk that provides a link between him and his daughter. The author's father was a talented doctor who was strict as a parent. Their relationship had at times been contentious but as she grows, the author sees her father's heart as a caring, compassionate doctor. She eventually moves the desk from his office to her home and it provides a connection to her father whenever she sits to write. The desk in a way provides a special piece of home.

Stories like this make Home Sweet Home a delightful volume for those in transition whether buying their first home, leaving home for the first time, traveling, becoming empty nesters and more. A pleasant read!


  1. I used to love the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I haven't read one in years, but I always enjoyed them. Maybe visiting your blog tonight was meant to be. I guess it's time to get back into these wonderful stories. Have a great day... :)

    1. The stories are great and since they are short, you can use them as mini-escapes! Thanks for stopping by!