A Little Time and a Keyboard: Images From the Destination Asia Summer Festival {The Morton Arboretum}

Images From the Destination Asia Summer Festival {The Morton Arboretum}

Friday, August 15, 2014

**Disclosure: we did give away complimentary tickets to this event on this blog. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I attended the Destination Asia Summer Festival at The Morton Arboretum and I thought that would share a little bit about the festival. We frequent The Morton Arboretum in the the warmer months to admire its beauty and let our daughter run around in the Children's Garden and among the Treehouse. The destination festivals this summer have added a little more flavor splashing a little more visual and hands-on exploration to a gorgeous natural space.

The events of the Destination Asia Summer Festival were centered mainly around the Visitor Center and nearby lake which made them easy to find and enjoy. We spent quite a bit of time admiring the bonsai trees. I have always admired their seemingly simple grace while understanding the skill that goes into raising them. Maybe something we can pick up in retirement?

While we were rounding the bend towards the lake, we were greeted by a dragon performance. Fun!

The trees provided a spirited canopy over the activities and themed vendors near the lake.

There were plenty of hands on opportunities--games from various countries in Asia, origami, painting and more. Nearby were yoga and tai chi demonstrations.

As we returned to the Visitor's Center, we paused to enjoy a musical performance. The patio was abuzz with joyful guests. Just one of those moments to take in. What a fun and spirited atmosphere!

I love how The Morton Arboretum is constantly stretching itself beyond being a symbol of conservation and a place to learn about nature. By introducing new programs that accent the beauty of the Arboretum while allowing patrons to experience new sights, sounds and tastes, the Arboretum is such a great cultural treasure!

The Morton Arboretum continues its summer festival with the Passport Europe Summer Festival September 6&7. I am looking forward to it! I do hope these festivals continue to expand next year!

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