A Little Time and a Keyboard: A Day in Savannah: Summer Road Trip Day 3

A Day in Savannah: Summer Road Trip Day 3

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

**Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Ahhhhhh.....Savannah! Such a beautiful, captivating city. We found so much peace walking through tranquil squares and along streets lined with graceful trees. We stayed in the Historic District, near the City Market, which proved to be an ideal launching point. We took a real relaxed approach to our visit and did not try to pound out too many attractions. If you allow it, Savannah is really a city that allows you to unwind and appreciate picturesque surroundings.

The fountain at Lafayette Square
The city really is approachable to anyone and the system of trolley tours with various topics can make seeing the historic area very easy. The day was pretty pleasant, so we opted to hoof it instead of taking a trolley. We thought this would allow us just to amble around and stop according to whim--which can be quite fun! Historical signs throughout help unfold Savannah's history.

This monument reflects the contribution of Haitian troops in our Revolution.
Our day in Savannah happened to be a Sunday, so we were able to have quite a peaceful walk through the historic district and its many squares. Each square has a monument or fountain--each breathtaking and worthy of exploring. You can really learn a lot about the history of Savannah just by walking through the squares. We were especially intrigued by the monument to the Haitian regiment that fought in the Revolution as well as the Casimir Pulaski monument. Learning about the Haitian regiment was an interesting piece of history we were not previously aware of. Casimir Pulaski has a particular connection to us as many in Chicago celebrate a day honoring Pulaski and his contribution to the the Revolutionary War. Such a neat way to explore history!

Casimir Pulaski's monument towers above.
Of course, we are always looking for calm when on vacation. One place of particular solace and peace is the Colonial Park Cemetery. The cemetery originates from 1750 and is full of stories of Savannah's earliest residents. You can really spend some time here studying old gravestones and memorials. Once again, plaques help tell history.

We eventually ambled our way to River Street for lunch. Once again, beautiful views of the river treated us. Upon local recommendation, we tried Tubby's on River Street for lunch. Tubby's is a pleasant spot for fairly quick seafood meals. While heavy on the seafood, the menu also has options for those that do not eat seafood. My daughter and I went for the fried shrimp--and none survived the meal! My husband went for the fried green tomato sandwich--nothing remained. I can safely say we enjoyed our meal!

Taffy pulling in the flesh! Fun!
River Street is also home to River Street Sweets Candy where you can even see taffy being pulled. Who can resist being a kid in a candy store? Savannah Bee with honey and beeswax products made in Georgia, The Village Craftsmen featuring Georgia artisans and more along River Street allow you to truly explore the flavor of Savannah and bring a piece home back with you.

We really loved Savannah and found it to be a great city to explore with our daughter! I understand that River Street can get a bit rowdy in the evening, so we did stay away from there later in the day. We did encounter a couple of panhandlers--so just be aware with kids. My daughter did not even pick up on it. Otherwise we had a lovely time and found everyone so friendly and helpful! I normally do not feel too relaxed after a vacation, but I have to see that taking it easy in Savannah really left me recharged! We did discover a few more places in Savannah which I will share later this week!


  1. I was lucky to live in Savannah for a couple of years. Such a great place!

    1. Yes, it is soooooo beautiful and everyone is so nice! I don't really feel relaxed in most cities I visit but that is not the case with Savannah. Plus, seeing other tourists just admiring the beauty was amazing!