A Little Time and a Keyboard: Mama Yoga and the Story of Namaste {Book Review}

Mama Yoga and the Story of Namaste {Book Review}

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

**Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to conduct an accurate review. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

"Wise and loving answers can be found within us if we just get quiet long enough to hear." ~Mama Yoga

Recently, I had the opportunity to read Mama Yoga and the Meaning of Namaste by Susanna Stratford. Over the past summer, my daughter enjoyed a local yoga class for kids. After seeing her inspired by what she learned, I was pretty interested in checking out Mama Yoga and the Meaning of Namaste.
Yoga is encouraging and a way to find balance and peace. Through yoga, we learn about ourselves. Mama Yoga really jumps out to children with beautiful illustrations and inspirations that they can relate to. With all of the stresses children encounter, this is a great resource to guide children in developing tools to reveal their own inner lights and to remain focused and balanced.

In addition to the original story, Mama Yoga contains a wealth of simple poses that children can easily perform in order to develop inner strength, confidence and peace. The poses are modeled by children thus making them even more approachable to the targeted readers. While checking out the book for herself, my daughter enthusiastically identified poses she could do. What a great way to speak to children!

Tips for practicing yoga as well as descriptions of each pose will guide you and your child through the poses. And, yes, you can do them too! What a pleasant family bonding experience while achieving calm and focus! Who doesn't need a little more tranquility in their life?

Families do not always have access to a yoga class. However, this brilliant volume allows families to have a go-to resource to help them practice yoga on their own time as their schedule allows. Plus, the vibrant images and empowering story will have families getting up to move and be active in an motivating way. Really, a volume to be treasured and a good gift idea with the holiday season right around the corner!

Author Susanna Stratford is a former elementary school teacher. She is a yogini and a parent of two boys, two dogs and a bearded dragon. Susanna is a certified yoga instructor for children living in Seattle. Her experiences as a yoga instructor for children inspired this lovely resource!

Please check out the Mama Yoga and the Story of Namaste if you would like to purchase this lovely volume. It truly is a valuable resource for busy families looking for a bit of calm amid the storm.

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