A Little Time and a Keyboard: The Dog Did What? A Chicken Soup for the Soul Dedicated to our Furry Friends

The Dog Did What? A Chicken Soup for the Soul Dedicated to our Furry Friends

Monday, October 6, 2014

**Disclosure: We received a complimentary copy of The Dog Did What? as an ambassador for Chicken Soup for the Soul. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% our own.

I must admit--I have quite a fondness for all things dog. Those who know me well, know that my dogs are people and their stories can often be larger than life. I mean, what better way to break up the day or cheer someone up than by relating a tale of canine high jinx. So, of course, I could not wait to read Chicken Soup for the Soul's The Dog Did What?

The Dog Did What? relates a range of anecdotes from life with Fido including the first days of handling puppy mayhem to opening up an already full home to those adorable eyes you can't resist to adopting a rescue (or maybe they adopt you) to the loss of a furry loved one that will always be fondly remembered.

So many of the stories in this volume had me smiling as I recalled similar instances with my own furry friends. Some of these stories are truly amazing, like one of a dog helping a young child learn to walk and another of two collies that helped a child avoid learning to walk by helping her move around the house. Another story about a couple that gained the trust of a stray protecting her pups in order to save mom and babies really tugged at my heart strings! Of course, there are the stories of the dogs that made us love despite ourselves and the ones that helped us through our darkest hours.  But, there also is the story of the dog that was able to hoist himself up onto the window ledge and back into the house even though the ledge was five feet off of the ground. How and wow! Escape artists, protectors, companions, clowns and more, everything that makes dogs some of our most cherished friends is represented in this volume. Truly a joy to read. What a great gift for dog lovers everywhere!

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