A Little Time and a Keyboard: Make 2015 Healthy: Introducing Gold Emblem Abound and Radiance Platinum at CVS

Make 2015 Healthy: Introducing Gold Emblem Abound and Radiance Platinum at CVS

Saturday, February 7, 2015

*Disclosure: I did receive complimentary products in order to bring you this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

One challenge that I constantly face is finding portable yet healthy snacks to bring with us on trips. So, I was thrilled to learn about the new Gold Emblem Abound snacks at CVS. I love that the line includes healthy options. Plus, the snacks are found at CVS which has locations across the country. With so many locations, it will be easy to pick up these snacks while traveling!

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Gold Emblem Abound line as well as CVS's new Radiance Platinum line and I wanted to share my findings with you!

The Gold Emblem Abound line provides a selection of over 40 handy and nutritious snacking options. Of course, some options are a little more nutritious than others but with such a large range of products finding a snack is easy. The snacks are free of artificial preservatives and flavors--a nice bonus! For my little sampling session, I tried the Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Trail Mix, the Blueberry and Pomegranate Superfruit Snack Bars, the Red Fruit and Chia Snack Bars as well as the Raw Natural Almonds!

Ready to eat: Red Fruit & Chia Snack Bar
I began my sampling adventure with the Red Fruit and Chia Snack Bars! Yum, yum and yum! The bars were pretty filling and tasty. I have never had chia seeds before (that I remember) and I loved them in the bars. The bars have a nice texture and are great for packing.

An up close moment for the Red Fruit and Chia Snack Bar!
Next, I tried the Pomegranate and Superfruit Snack Bars. These bars are mainly made from fruit ingredients which is quite a comfort. Plus, there is no added sugar! Yay! They are a little sticky but not as sticky as some others I have tried. My daughter loves them---so they are great for our hiking adventures!
Presenting the Pomegranate and Superfruit Snack Bar!
I followed the snack bars with a bit of chocolate--well, not exactly! It was time to try the Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Trail Mix. The mix was FULL of nuts--all sorts! The dried fruit--cherries and cranberries--are a nice size as are the chocolate bits. The chocolate was a bit sweet for me--but I like super dark, so not a shock. A nice mix for the family!

Great trail mix!
I moved on to the Raw Natural Almonds. Talk about fresh! Plus, the bag was filled pretty high. Always such a disappointment when you open up a new bag of a snack and it just doesn't seem very full!

CVS has also launched a new line of 100% preservative free vitamins and supplements called Radiance Platinum. The line includes popular supplements including multivitamins, probiotics. omega 3, vitamin C and more. The line is GMO free, gluten free, certified organic with options suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. I tried the women's multivitamin and was happy to know that it was preservative free! It tasted a little more earthy than my normal multivitamin but not bad at all.

I love CVS's continued commitment to health. I am the most excited about the Gold Emblem Abound Snacks. Sometimes, finding a healthy snack in a pinch can be difficult. I now know that if I find a CVS, I can easily find something to munch on that I am comfortable with!

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