A Little Time and a Keyboard: Into the Night: A Magical Children's Book by Local Author Carrie Steinweg

Into the Night: A Magical Children's Book by Local Author Carrie Steinweg

Friday, February 27, 2015

**Disclosure: I did receive an electronic copy of Into the Night for the purpose of this review. No compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own.

I have been very fortunate throughout my years as a blogger and social media connector to meet many truly talented people. I have been following Carrie Steinweg's blog Chicago Foodie Sisters for quite some time. I have always enjoyed her culinary adventures and the enthusiasm with which she exposes local restaurants. Carrie is certainly multitalented and is a published author. Awhile back, I reviewed Old 104 Rides Again which is lovingly written children's book using Old 104's unexpectedly valiant ride to teach lessons about fire safety, the important work of firemen and how we all can contribute to safety. The book was truly charming and I am so happy that Carrie has written a new children's book called Into the Night!

One of the most cherished childhood memories for both kids and parents alike revolves around bedtime rituals and reading bedtime stories. Into the Night is a lovely, well-illustrated book perfect for reading as you tuck little ones into bed. Through her poetry and the vibrant illustrations of Michelle Krisik Brown, Carrie paints pictures of the world that lives when we are fast asleep at night. As you read the book, you will pick up on a melody that is essential to good bedtime books. Plus, you are treated to many of  the familiar creatures--and some less familiar--that roam the night. Each is portrayed in a bright and engaging illustration. Really, a lovely book!

If you are interested in checking out Carrie's book, you can head over to Carrie's author website. Into the Night is being sold on Amazon.

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