A Little Time and a Keyboard: Snow Painting {Snow Day Activity}

Snow Painting {Snow Day Activity}

Monday, February 2, 2015

Whoa! Did we get some snow or did we get some snow? With so much snow, how could we not play in it? I have actually been waiting awhile to try some snow painting and my daughter and we finally got our chance today! Snow painting is really an easy way to get some fresh air while using creativity.

To snow paint, the items you need are food coloring, cups, water and paint brushes. Fill the cups with a little water, add food coloring and you are ready!

To paint, you will want to find the more solid pieces of snow or what my daughter calls "snow bricks." Of course, you can make your own as well! Then, dab the brush and lightly paint. You can even use a more drip-like technique! To clean your brush, just dab in a patch of clean snow. Then, go in for another color.

What a fun way to use nature's blank canvas! My daughter and I had such a great time creating and then trying to identifying each other's creations!

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