A Little Time and a Keyboard: Chicken Soup for the Soul for Moms and Kids

Chicken Soup for the Soul for Moms and Kids

Saturday, May 9, 2015

**Disclosure: Complimentary copies were received in order to conduct an accurate review. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

I read two recent volumes of Chicken Soup for the Soul and found that the two while unique pair well in a way. They each touch on bonds and inspirations that begin to motivate us in childhood. Thanks to Mom focuses on that special bond that we each have with Mom. Be the Best You Can Be provides inspiration and encouragement through childhood events and the eyes of children. Both really motivate from lessons that we learn in younger years that can still be carried on through our whole lives.

I don't know if it is because I am a mother or not, but I just could not put down Thanks to My Mom. So many of the stories are touching and reveal loving memories that you just feel are tied up with a lovely, satin ribbon. Stories of things we learn just by observing Mom, Mom guiding us on a better path, Mom always supporting us even when the chips are down, Mom helping us gain confidence--all of the stories are there! One account even tells of a mother who believed in her son as he lay dying and his miraculous recovery. Another is a charming anecdote of a young woman meeting her future husband's mother from India for the first time. The mother warmly accepts her and unexpectedly gifts her a sari. Thus began a wonderful friendship!

Be the Best You Can Be takes a little different approach than other Chicken Soup for the Soul volumes. It is designed to speak to children---but honestly, adults can draw from the stories as well. I love that it covers many of the roadblocks children face. By telling real life stories of how children overcame them, it makes the lessons so very relatable and approachable. Childhood can be difficult and there are times when kids just feel adults can't understand. With so many stories from a child's point of view, kids will definitely feel a sense of camaraderie while reading. Each cluster of stories fitting with a theme comes with a few conversational questions which will also help children address their feelings and understand the essence of the stories. A great volume for the shelf!

I am always amazed by how many truly touching volumes Chicken Soup for the Soul has created! Definitely one of those series that we can each enjoy and grow from!

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