A Little Time and a Keyboard: Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt

Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Scavenger hunts provide easy entertainment! Here is a quick list you can use to make a scavenger hunt for Fourth of July! You can easily alter it to fit your day's plans! Alternately, have kids create scavenger hunts for each other!  Have a great Fourth of July!

Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt
American Flag flying in the wind                                  

Patriotic tiara
Someone wearing oversized blue sunglasses
Parade sign
Picnic basket
Hot dogs
Watermelon slices
Corn on the cob
Live music
5 out of state license plates
Family riding bicycles
Ice cream man
Old fashioned American flag
Uncle Sam
Ferris Wheel
Lawn game
Beach towel

Dog on a walk

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