Made with Dad: From Wizards' Wands to Japanese Dolls, Craft Projects to Build, Make, And Do With Your Kids {Review}

Thursday, August 27, 2015

**Disclosure: We received a copy of this volume in order to make an accurate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

We love, love, love crafts in our household and are always scanning for new ideas and projects. Recently, we had the opportunity to review Made with Dad: From Wizards' Wands to Japanese Dolls, Craft Projects to Build, Make, and Do with Your Kids by Chris Barnardo and let me tell you, this book is a treasure!

When the book first arrived, I was prepared for merely a craft book. However, I soon learned that the book is so much more! The book begins with a detailed section about some of the items that you will need to complete various projects included. If you are not entirely familiar with the crafting world, this guide is very helpful in understanding with thick pulp board and polymorph are among other supplies!

The crafts included will appeal to children of all ages. Some are easier than others, so you can easily find one for your child's age range or if you just feeling like conquering something easy on a particular day, you can pick a craft that suits your mood! To make things extra-easy, target ages are provided with each project!

Various pages engage parents and children alike in learning. Science experiments are included in the book--each with an explanation of the science involved. The explanation is presented in an easy to follow, relatable manner to help kids learn!

The volume also includes helpful tidbits for Dad like a section on how to be be prepared for emergencies and helping kids to be more creative. Convenient!

I am amazed by how much the author was able to fit in this volume! There is certainly a large wealth of knowledge included despite the average size of the book. This is the perfect book to have on the shelf at the ready for rainy, snowy or cold days!

When the volume first arrived, my daughter was immediately excited to work on a craft with Dad. She normally crafts with Mom, so she was excited about the novelty! After carefully looking through the selection of craft inspirations, she chose the doughnut craft.

The craft itself is laid out very well, step-by-step with no real room for confusion. Many of the crafts utilize items you already have in the house (convenient!). For this one, most will have the items in the house but when scrounging around, we learned we did not have masking tape and did have to go get some. The directions were straightforward. With time for drying paint and glue needed, my husband and daughter worked on the project over a couple of days.

Then, voila--a doughnut!

Author Chris Barnardo is a father of four and has put together a collection of crafts and activities that will help Dads and their kids bond while making lasting memories. Made with Dad: From Wizards' Wands to Japanese Dolls, Craft Projects to Build, Make, and Do with Your Kids is one of those books that you always want on your shelf for times when you need that sudden spark of imagination and inspiration! A wonderful book!

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