A Little Time and a Keyboard: Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park {Hidden Treasure in Schaumburg}

Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park {Hidden Treasure in Schaumburg}

Saturday, August 1, 2015

A week ago, my daughter was enjoying a summer camp at Volkening Heritage Park in Schaumburg. Whenever she is in camp, I try to arrive to pick her up a little early so that I can get some walking in before she gets out of camp. On one visit, I spied a sign for the Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park. In all of these years of visiting the farm, I had never seen this sign before, so I was inspired to explore this new discovery.

It is a bit of a trick to find the sculpture park. The park is tucked away behind the Prairie Center for the Arts. However, I quickly learned that the grounds surrounding the Prairie Center for the Arts is also worth a nice walk. There is a peaceful lake that is quite a favorite for water fowl including swans, ducks, heron and geese. Hard to believe busy Schaumburg Road is just a stone's throw away!

Swans swimming in a lake at the Chicago Atheneaeum Sculpture Park.

The growing sculpture garden also includes sculptures around the lake.

The garden can be found by taking a path behind the parking lot. Part of the walk is through a wooded area which is quite pleasant on a hot summer day! We saw a bunch of chickadees in the trees, which was a wonderful surprise!

Another tranquil place for a walk! I do encourage a visit earlier in the morning as we did seen quite a few birds before the rush of day took over. The area by the lake is quite picturesque and we saw quite a few families taking pictures, so take your camera! Prairie Center for the Arts is located at 201 Schaumburg Court in Schaumburg.

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