A Little Time and a Keyboard: On Top of the World at Wind Point Lighthouse in Racine, Wisconsin

On Top of the World at Wind Point Lighthouse in Racine, Wisconsin

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

**Disclosure: We receive complimentary tickets to Wind Point Lighthouse for the purpose of this review. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

Over the past year, I have truly fallen in love with Racine's view of Lake Michigan. Entirely spectacular! Once summer weather returned to the region, our family knew that we needed to spend at least one summer day in Racine. We learned about Wind Point Lighthouse on a previous trip and since we had never climbed a lighthouse before, we immediately added the landmark to our "need to visit list." We were thrilled to find a day this summer to visit the treasure last weekend!

The Wind Point Lighthouse has long been a fixture in Racine. The magnificent structure was originally built in 1880 and is one of the tallest lighthouses on Lake Michigan at 108 feet tall. Visitors are invited to scale the historic structure the first Sunday of the month June-October. The view is well worth the climb!

A Fresnel Lens was originally used to light a sailor's way. The lighthouse keeper was tasked with climbing 144 stairs through a spiral staircase to clean the lens every day. The iron staircase is a beauty but really gives you a bit of work out! Plus, the lens is full of dozens of prisms so must have been quite the project to clean!

Wind Point Lighthouse is still a functioning lighthouse but moved to an automatic light system in 1964. On the tour, you can take a little peek at the current light. The Fresnel Lens is on display as well.

We enjoyed exploring the lighthouse grounds after our tour. Admiring the view is always a great way to feed the soul!

View from the park.
On the grounds, we also found the museum which is housed in the old foghorn house. The museum has some interesting artifacts from a shipwreck as well as details about the lighthouse. Inside is also a gift shop which has quite the collection of lighthouse items! The fuel house also is on the grounds.

Foghorn house museum.
Fuel house
We had a picture-perfect day at the Wind Point Lighthouse! The views from the top were dazzling--we could even see the Sears Tower from one vantage point! The Wind Point Lighthouse provides families with a unique experience that will become a cherished memory!

Things to know:
  • Climbs are on the first Sunday and select Saturdays of the month June-October.
  • There are 5 climbs a day, one every hour from 9AM-3PM with the last one at 2:30PM.
  • The climb begins with background history of the lighthouse.
  • Wear closed toe and closed back shoes for the climb.
  • Bring some water and a camera, but don't carry too much!
  • Fees for the climb are $5 for children 6-12 and $10 for those 13 and older. 
  • Reservations are recommended to make sure you get your desired climb time.
  • Children under 6-years-old are not permitted to climb.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled climb.
  • Watch out for the wind! Put loose items away.
  • Bring a picnic and enjoy the day!
  • Head over to Wind Point Lighthouse to reserve tickets.
North Beach
When in Racine:
  • Don't forget to make a stop at North Beach. Spend some time on the beach, walk out on the pier or play at the sizable playground.
  • Take a turn downtown to admire the architecture and visit local shops several with local art and products.
  • Take a peek at the marina and enjoy viewing the boats.
  • Don't leave without a kringle! 


  1. Your pictures definitely make me want to visit and also make me want to tackle the climb. Thanks for all of the helpful information that you included, especially about the closed toe shoes and age limitations. Very helpful to know in advance.

    1. You are welcome! We loved our visit! Definitely one to add to the bucket list!

    2. You are welcome! We loved our visit! Definitely one to add to the bucket list!

  2. This lighthouse looks and sounds very similar to the Marblehead Lighthouse that sits along the shore of Lake Erie near Sandusky. If you ever get a chance, you should check it out. Behind the lighthouse are huge rock slabs to walk and play on. There is also a museum and down the road a bit is a Keeper's house. Lovely photos. I'd love to visit.

    1. After climbing one lighthouse, I can see how people love to visit them around the country. The experience is amazing and view is unparalleled. Thanks for letting me know about Marblehead!

  3. This is definitely on my list for next year! I love learning about the history of Great Lakes lighthouses and it's always a great bonus when I can make the climb to see the view from the top of the tower.

    1. You will love it! The history of lighthouses is definitely more interesting than you would think. Something many of us take for granted. The views are amazing! Worth the climb!

  4. I love to visit lighthouses. The lighthouse itself reminds me of the Marblehead lighthouse that sits along Lake Erie near Catawba.

    1. I was actually surprised that I liked it as much as a I did. There is a certain aesthetic quality to lighthouses!

  5. I grew up across the street from this lighthouse. After moving to Kansas 41 years ago, I am back to visit and it brings back so many memories. I would love to move back here, maybe when I retire.

  6. Now I want to climb a lighthouse! This looks so cool and great views.