A Little Time and a Keyboard: Golfin' Around at Congo River Adventure Golf {Hoffman Estates}

Golfin' Around at Congo River Adventure Golf {Hoffman Estates}

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Congo River Adventure Mini Golf in Hoffman Estates incredible mini golf course

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We love to spend a sunny afternoon here and there enjoying a little mini golf. Mini golf allows us to enjoy the weather while being active and doing something challenging. When we get that golfin' urge, we like to head over to Congo River Adventure Golf in Hoffman Estates. With all of the water features and vibrant greens, I feel like we are playing in a touristy area near the coast--not in the Chicago suburbs. All-in-all, a great little escape without going too far!

Congo River has two different courses and each has a range of easier holes and more challenging. So, everyone will find entertainment in playing. The water features include streams and waterfalls including a picturesque drop off from above. They add some more challenge but also add visual interest. The courses are kept up well making them a pleasure to experience.

Par amounts are set for each hole. However, it may be a little easier to ignore them with a little one. We find it fun to keep score but sometimes little egos can be bruised if a hole takes way more strokes than expected. You can also cap the number of strokes per hole. On some of the holes, it can be quite easy to lose a ball to one of the water features so you may want to pay particular attention to the little ones when they are trying to make one of these holes.  Some of these holes are in the middle of the course, so you will not want to have to go back to the beginning to get a new ball!

You can run both courses if you like. Each has 18 holes and we often find that completing just one provides us with a nice family outing. Prices do vary if you opt to do both or just one. 

Congo River Adventure Mini Golf in Hoffman Estates

A visit to Congo River is always a fun little escape that adds a little extra brightness to our day! We find the courses to always be entertaining!

Things to know:
  • It can get pretty warm on the course on a summer day. Dress accordingly and think about sunscreen.
  • Bring water with you; there also are vending machines.
  • Food is not permitted on the course but there are picnic tables just outside if you want a snack before or after.
  • You can plan a party at Congo River and they even have a party room!

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