A Little Time and a Keyboard: New Liv on Life Adventure: Green is Good {Book Review}

New Liv on Life Adventure: Green is Good {Book Review}

Sunday, September 27, 2015

**Disclosure: A complimentary book was received for the purposed of conducting an accurate review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Recently, I had the opportunity to read a new adventure from Liv on Life: Green is Good. Immediately, Liv's endearing character jumps off the page. Liv is an inquisitive, adventurous little girl that tells it like it is. Her most recent adventure has her visiting an organic farm learning more about healthy and nutritious vegetables.

Author Elizabeth Gorcey is adept at capturing the purity and honesty of a child's voice. Liv is based on Gorcey's own daughter, Olivia. Starting when Olivia was three-years-old, she would express thoughts that were incredibly honest, true and offered advice to us all. Gorcey began to record this "Livisms." In turn, the "Livisms" became inspirations for her series. The honesty and clarity of Olivia's young advice really come through in Green is Good. The book is truly a feel-good volume with a message!

By using an authentic child's voice, children will find Green is Good very relatable to their own lives. Gorcey utilizes this voice to highlight the importance of vegetables in everyone's diet in basic terms that young children can comprehend.  Liv even makes her own salad, empowering children by showing them that they can make their own healthy lifestyle choices!

Liv visits an organic farm and her childhood exuberance while exploring leaps through the pages thanks to her voice, the lively illustrations and the threading of the color green throughout. You will be hard-pressed to not be excited when reading the portion of the book with your child.

Similar to Going to the Park, Green is Good is a lovely volume. The illustrations are incredible and capture the essences of both Liv and her trusty Boxer puppy, Bowie. Green is Good is the complete package and a wonderful addition to any child's book shelf.

Author Elizabeth Gorcey has been creating all of her life and the Liv on Life Series is her newest endeavor. She has been able to express herself creatively through painting, film and words. She starred in Teen WolfMax Headroom and Footloose and has even been involved in producing and directing. 

You can find out more about Liv on Life and how to order books on the Liv on Life website.

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