A Little Time and a Keyboard: Paddleboating at Twin Lakes Golf Course and Recreation Center {Palatine}

Paddleboating at Twin Lakes Golf Course and Recreation Center {Palatine}

Friday, September 4, 2015


Did you know that you could paddleboat at Twin Lakes in Palatine? Or kayak? Or canoe? We love to walk at Twin Lakes now and then but last weekend we decided to take advantage of one of the recreation center's other offerings--paddleboats! The day was one of the cooler days--before the return of the 90's--so we were able to enjoy the pleasant weather while basking in nature and even getting a little bit of a workout!

Twin Lakes Palatine

Twin Lakes has paddleboats, kayaks and canoes for rental. (Patrons are prohibited from using their own vessels.) You can rent boats for either a half hour or a full hour. Rentals can be purchased in the Pro Shop. After, you head to the boat shack to obtain a life jacket and then over to the dock for your boat. Then, you are off!

Our paddleboating was quite peaceful. We paddled around the whole lake and even had some time to pause and enjoy watching the resident ducks. Watching the kayakers was fun and my daughter was even inspired to try kayaking on another visit. All of the boaters seemed to enjoy sailing past the waterfall on an island in the lake.


After our 30-minute paddle, we took a walk around the lake. Twin Lakes is a little slice of tranquility in the middle of the suburbs. A visit always helps us balance! The recreation area is also the perfect place for a family picnic and time at the park! There is plenty of space for spreading out. The park area is pretty large and serenely set up against the lake.

Twin Lakes Park Palatine

Twin Lakes has various other amenities including a golf course and the grill where you can pick up a quick meal. Family events are also held at Twin Lakes throughout the year including our favorite hayrides in the fall. There is also music on the patio in the summer You can check with the Salt Creek Rural Park District for more information about events. Looking for a site for your own event? You can rent a pavilion and have an event catered there. You can also rent a pavilion with a grill (personal grills are prohibited). Plenty to do right in Palatine!

If you are interesting in paddleboating, it is offered on weekends only through October 4th from 11AM-6PM. The cost is $6 per person for an hour, $5 for half an hour. Kids ages 2-5 are $2 and 1 and under are free. Early in the summer, boating was offered throughout the week. A fun little excursion without to much fuss!

Twin Lakes Recreation Center is located at 1200 East Twin Lakes Dr. in Palatine.

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